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Chateau Provence

:FANATIK: Chateau Provence Main House *MAINSTORE NEW RELEASE*
:FANATIK: Chateau Provence Annex
:FANATIK: Chateau Provence Pool Terrace (Moded)
:FANATIK: Chateau Provence Vase (With Palm)
:FANATIK: Chateau Provence Planter

Other items used:
FINCA – flat top arch hedge
FINCA – pine hedge
FINCA – twisted hedge
JIAN Peacock :: Static (Train Tail)
Apple Fall Summer Parasol
Fancy Decor: Lisa Bistro Table & Chairs (black)
*K* Florentine Dove Fountain

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Places to create memories

Ariskea[SUNSET] Linen Chair
Ariskea[SUNSET] Shell Pillow
Ariskea[SUNSET] Accent vase
Ariskea[SUNSET] Terrazo Table

Ariskea. Clay Chimmey . Clay

Ariskea[Oneline] Small Green House
Ariskea[Oneline] bronze Watering Spray
Ariskea[Oneline] Gold watering can
Ariskea[Oneline] Sandalwood Sprout
Ariskea[Oneline] Anthurium Giant
Ariskea[Oneline] Anthurium White

Amitie Villa PINKABOO

Ariskea[Ethan] Monstera Plant
Ariskea[VividLeaf] Fern Plant Hanging
Ariskea[VividLeaf] Pothos Plant hanging
Ariskea[Ethan] Bowls
Ariskea[Vivid Green] scheflera 1.
Ariskea[VividLeaf] Fern Plant & Pothos {took bottom plant only}
dust bunny . areca palm plant
Bricolage Mojo Pillows PG
[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Puppy Bicolor (Companion) v2.0.0
[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Puppy Original (Companion) v2.0.0
*LODE* Accessory – Luna Flowers [All colors] @ Collabor88
8f8 – Whites – Melkijad
ZAKER : Azur Juice Tray @ Cosmo
Fancy Decor: Lyon Art Paintings @ Collabor88
Soy. Bamboo Framed Pendant Lamp [Jute]

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KraftWork Antique Sideboard @ Level

KraftWork Classic Wing Chair PG @ FLF 13th Birthday Bash

A Womans Gaze by Katharine Littlepaws for Curated Event

YUNG GUNZ – AK Whiskey Decanter & Dispenser @ Anthem Event

Bricolage Timbuktu Tiger Rug

KraftWork Giant Fairy Kokedama . Poppy Orange @ Collabor88

Avani Macon Collection Display Cabinet w/ all items inside @ Anthem Event

Other items used:
Mithral * Wood Box Wall Planter Set (Gold)
Mithral * Eye Frame Floating Pilea (White)
KAZZA – BytheSeaPalmpot – palmpot
.spruce. “Draco” the Madagascar Dragon Tree {boho 7}
.spruce. book collection {botanical series 5}
.spruce. book collection {botanical series 2}
KAZZA – BytheSeaSuntable – stoolpot
[SHIFUKU] Shoes box and Pumps(Touch Texture Change){modded}
Atelier Burgundy . Simple Panel Wood II
Acrid. busty lamp (marble #5)
Avani Books & Links
Avani Songbird Keepsake Box, Aged Brown
Marke. Semla Frame 1 Gold
Marke. Semla Frame 2 Copper
Soy. Dried Plants Set [D]
Soy. Dried Plants Set [B]
[Rezz Room] Cat Bengal Adult Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0
Scarlet Creative Emily 1

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The tiki bar

DaD “Mediterranean Palm Trees
DaD “Monstera plants
DaD “Beach Rock

MINIMAL – Tiki Bar -Linked Version- @ UBER

Other items used:
KraftWork Bar Butler . Brass
BONUS KraftWork Draycott Bar Collection . Set of Bottles GIFT
TLC Stilt Landscape Patch-7
TLC Avocet Standing
TLC Pelican Animated


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Your family is the best team you could ever have…..

Today I am showcasing these adorable elephants from [Rezz Room], and using the static animations.  They are as cute as can be at their small size, and you have a few options from wearable to rezzable animesh versions to 3 skin colors. Name tag, sounds on and off and 20 static animations.  I’m also showing the newest releases by Heart, which I absolutely loved.  The overgrown sitka pine trees and the forest mushrooms sets both come with a lot of versions inside the pack to help you create a beautiful landscape.

Enjoy ♥

[Rezz Room] Elephant Baby Animesh (Companion) @ UBER
[Rezz Room] Elephant Baby Small Animesh (Companion)

Heart – Wildwood – Forest Mushrooms – V1 @ FaMESHed
Heart – Wildwood – Overgrown Sitka Pine Trees with Spirea @ FaMESHed

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Enjoying the outdoors

dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . wood storage / Set @ Mainstore Now
dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . cabinet
dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . stove top
dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . grill . pg
dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . sink . pg
dust bunny . outdoor kitchen . light woven . cabinet

dust bunny . lemon plants . sprigs vase
dust bunny . lemon plants . potted tree . large

FINCA – Giardino Patio table / Set @ Mainstore Now
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair A
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair B
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair C
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair D
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair E
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair F
FINCA – Giardino Patio Lamp D
FINCA – Giardino Patio Rug [used as runner]
FINCA – Giardino hand fan decor
FINCA – Giardino Patio drapes
FINCA – Giardino Patio flower bag yellow

Concept} 01. Ca’Pepe. House. RARE
Soy. Ivy Trellis (parts: container – cylinder)
[North Oak] + Angele Juicy Lemon Bowl
[North Oak] + Griffith Summer Dish Set
(Luc.) Hotdog Buns [decor]
LINKED SCENE (Luc.) Condiments
(Luc.) Pot Lid, Towel & Scissor Tongs [decor]
15 KraftWork Backyard BBQ . Wine Bottles Clutter
:BAMSE: Consigliere – Wine Bottle
MH Vintage Mixing Bowls Nested – white
MH Vintage Plates S Stacked – white
MH Vintage Mugs Row – white
MH Vintage Casserole W/ Lid 2 – white
MH Vintage Baking Pans Stacked – white
MH Vintage Baking Pan 1 – white
MH Vintage Casserole 1 – white
MH Vintage Mixing Bowls Display – white
MH Vintage Mixing Bowl 4 – white
Junk Food – Hot Dog Tray (White)
Junk Food – Watermelon Platter (White)
hive // paper towels
Dutchie ratatouille: vegetables and cookbook
220ML – Craft Beer: KLB – Open Bottle
220ML – Craft Beer: KLB – Hold 5 Bottle
dust bunny . petal wall & archway . wall . no flowers
-Jane&Finch- Straw Screen [long]
Konoha – Quercus ella – Elder Oak
-Garden- by anc “big leaf” one/green pink{large field}2Li

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Tuesdays Art Overlay Panel Fatpack @ FaMESHed
Tuesdays Art Overlay Panel Fatpack

Homeowner by Pippin Long for Curated Event

KraftWork Double Storey Shelf . Shelf (Decorated 48li)

AB+KW+Pitaya . Nordic Cottage . Sofa (PG)
AB+KW+Pitaya . Nordic Cottage . Pouf (PG)
AB+KW+Pitaya . Nordic Cottage . Rug

.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 1} / Set @ The Fifty
.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 2}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 3}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 4}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 5}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {bw 6}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {gray 5}

-BigBear- Trancoso Set – COFFEETABLE BLACK @ FaMESHed
-BigBear- Trancoso Set – BOOKS
-BigBear- Trancoso Set – LATTE TRAY – DARK
-BigBear- Trancoso Set – COCONUT BOWL [DECO]

dust bunny . piles peper plant
dust bunny . areca palm plant

{vespertine} – chia pets. / hedgehog for FLF
..::THOR::.. Licking Grey Cat
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
[SHIFUKU] Crystal Chandelier – Black /S
~BAZAR~Ivy Books_04
~BAZAR~Ivy Books_05
Scarlet Creative Moderno Revisted Wood Floors

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…and somehow something went terribly wrong

DRD – Wizards Classroom – Bookcase @ Wizarding Faire 
DRD – Wizards Classroom – Teacher Desk
DRD – Wizards Classroom – Decorative cage
DRD – Wizards Classroom – Desk/History of magic
DRD – Wizards Classroom – Desk/Charm scrolls
DRD – Wizards Classroom – Desk/Potions

[ zerkalo ] Godric’s Hollow – Cauldron @ Wizarding Faire 
[ zerkalo ] Godric’s Hollow – Alchemy Book
[ zerkalo ] Godric’s Hollow – Cauldron Table
[ zerkalo ] Godric’s Hollow – Candle (hunt item)

JIAN Frog Pond :: Placer Frog 2li

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Listen to the beat

Trompe Loeil – Jura Waterfront Cottage @ FaMESHed

SAYO – Hanover Mirror – Navy @ FaMESHed

+Half-Deer+ Devon Sofa – All Colors (PG) @ Anthem
+Half-Deer+ Devon Armchair – All Colors (PG)

Keeps Her Going by PRIMAGE Gallery for the Curated Event
(On sale for 200 L$, no copy, no modify, transfer with a resizing HUD.)

dust bunny . areca palm plant
dust bunny . arctic animal planters . polar bear . black

~BAZAR~ Gemma coffee table @ UBER
~BAZAR~ Gemma eucalyptus
~BAZAR~ Gemma books
~BAZAR~ Gemma small vase
~BAZAR~ Gemma rug

Fancy Decor: Aden Log Basket @ UBER

Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7
Apple Fall Lille Desk – Cream
Apple Fall Charlotte Bentwood Chair – Black
[North Oak] + Florian Potted Gunnii Tree
[FOURTH WALL] Orbit Wall Art – Circles
[North Oak] + Large Zion Weaved Baskets (ash)
.spruce. bloom pillows {1}
.spruce. bloom pillows {2}
.spruce. bloom pillows {3}
.spruce. bloom pillows {4}
.spruce. bloom pillows {5}
MESHWORX~Graffiti Lamp Male Abstract 3
[North Oak] + Borneo Cabinet (white)
[FOURTH WALL] Orbit Wall Art – Dots
Mithral * Hoya Callistophylla (Pack C)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 10
West Village Magnolia Arrangement

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Kahuna Tiki Bar

..::THOR::.. Kahuna Tiki Bar @ Alpha Event
..::THOR::.. Kahuna Tiki Totem 1
..::THOR::.. Kahuna Tiki Totem 2
..::THOR::.. Kahuna Stool
..::THOR::.. Tiki Wooden Sign
..::THOR::.. Kahuna Tiki Drink 2 – deco
..::THOR::.. Kahuna Tiki Drink 1 – deco

[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – liquor Glass (Plum)
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – liquor Glass (Berry)
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – Berry liquor (Continued
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – Plum liquor
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – Berry liquor
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – Plum liquor (Continued)
[Cinoe] Looking forward to the future – Fruit basket

[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Skate Adult Bicolor (Companion)
[Rezz Room] Chimpanzee Summer Baby Animesh (Companion) @ Man Cave

DaD – Summer Beach Decor – Folding Chairs – c/m
DaD “Beach Rustic planks A” c/m
DaD – Summer Beach Decor – Vintage Oars Decor – c/m
DaD – Summer Beach Decor – Folding Stools – c/m

DaD “Mediterranean Palm Trees Cluster” c/m

Other items used:
..::THOR::.. Ceramic Squeezer Yellow
..::THOR::.. Fruit Crate – RARE
..::THOR::.. Vintage Blender Metal
..::THOR::.. Cast Iron Lantern
..::THOR::.. Stacked Boards
..::THOR::.. Ceramic Tiles Vase
..::THOR::.. Ceramic Pitcher Yellow
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Chair – PG
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Bucket of Beer – server
HeadHunter’s Island Retro Radio – AQUA – (MESH)
<Magic Party> Nature – Kiwi Fruit Blender [S]Board [Copy]
HeadHunter’s Island Driftwood (WARM) Umbrella frame with lights- MESH
HeadHunter’s Island Fallen Driftwood (WARM) Umbrella frame with lights -MESH
Pitaya – Rent a surfboard
:FNY: Designs – Coastal Chamomile & Grass – Medium2
(Fundati) Beach Grass Patch II
Bad Katz Beach Grass 1
Bad Katz Beach Grass 2 1