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It all runs deep

We are at the tail end of the week and even though I am working from home, I still love that feeling of the work week being over and having a couple of days of not mentally having to think about tasks and ongoing projects.  Weekends are busy too, just a different kind of busy.  I rather curl up on a cozy sofa like this one from Nutmeg, that she had a previous weekend sale, and read or contemplate anything and everything. I’m a thinker.  I’m inside my head way too much.

I’ve combined the sofa with other great items from the creator (I’ve been digging into my inventory lately) and even got a little creative making my own pumpkin wreath making parts of the wreath invisible and downsizing the decorative pumpkins.  I’ve also placed several pumpkins in the pillow basket to get a warm fall vibe.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Cozy Sofa Adult

Konoha – Poplars – Populus saisei [vcp.006]

Other items used:
Nutmeg. Disarray Chair w/Plaid White, PG
Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Brown
Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Table Ivory
11. Nutmeg. Dandy Ashtray Silver
14. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Lamp
Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Clock White
Nutmeg. Age-old Vase / 4
Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Console
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Bust
11. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Grey Books
17. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Boxy Candle Holder
15. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Rounded Candle Holder
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Rug
Nutmeg. Classic Bedroom Rug Decor
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Drapes
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
5. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Stool
Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Nutmeg. Reader’s Nook Books
Nutmeg. Reader’s Nook Tea Cup Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Disarray Iron Wine Rack
Nutmeg. Home Clutter Books Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Light v1
Nutmeg. Musical Escape Hanging Wreath Exclusive Item {Made some parts invisible}
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins
Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook 2.0

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Memories are made here

I’m still very much into the color of green, so couldn’t help myself with this scene.  Here are more of these beautiful floral pumpkins from Apple Fall, one of my favorite things this fall season.  I am also loving these new pillows by Bricolage, which are part of an assortment of pillows released this past weekend sales.  These are some fantastic textures that really give personality to a room.  The painting on the wall is by Georgie Iceghost, and is part of the Curated Event this month and what inspired me to go green.  Last item that I am featuring today are Sakura cats by Rezz Room, which are delightful little things and as you can see they have color options, animated and also static options.

Enjoy ♥

Apple Fall Floral Pumpkin – Yellow
Apple Fall Floral Pumpkin – Orange

Bricolage Fall Pillow Set One – Jungle
Bricolage Fall Pillow Set One – Maize

Horse chestnut Conker By Georgie Iceghost [canvas] for Curated Event

[Rezz Room] Sakura Cat Animesh (Companion) @ Neo Japan

Other items used:
Onsu ~ “Princeton” House ~ White {tinted walls}
~BAZAR~ Gemma coffee table
BLACK NEST / Tanssi Sofa (PG)
Loft & Aria – Aspen Table Top Decor
Loft & Aria – Aspen Cannister
Loft & Aria – Aspen Horns
Loft & Aria – Aspen Heartleaf Philodendron
Elm. Honey Hanging Lamp #2 [Emerald]
Elm. Iris Decor ~ Bookstack #1
Elm. Iris Decor ~ Mirror [Gold]
Elm. Evelyn Entrance Cabinet [Walnut]
Elm. Iris Ottoman w/ Blanket ~ PG [White] {tinted}
Elm. Iris Decor ~ Bell [Brass]
KAZZA – BytheSeaPlantpot4 – pot
KAZZA – BytheSeaPot3 – monstera pot
CHAI – Sacred Wood Blocks @ Dubai
CHAI – Sacred Crest V2 @ Dubai

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Warm and cozy

I love the burst of colors during the Autumn season.  It gives me that warm and cozy feeling inside and I can’t wait for the weather to turn slightly cooler to enjoy some hot chocolate and snuggle under a soft plush faux fur throw.

Today I’m showing these gorgeous oriental willows from Konoha that are just so pretty.   They are seasonal, so you can use them all year long or change up seasons whenever you like, or do as thy neighbor does.  Ok, maybe not.  You can find these trees at the current round of Neo-Japan.  I am also showing the poplar trees by Konoha, though they sort of blend in with the willows in back.  I’ll be showing them in another post, though wanted to mention them as well as the yellow nanohana mixed in with some of the reddish shrubs by another creator.  I’m showing two pictures, as the windlight used on the top picture somewhat changed the color of the yellow, so wanted to also provide a version that showed more of the actual color.

The house I’m featuring is from DaD-virtual living-, and currently at FaMESHed. It’s a unique round shaped house, open floorplan with windows all around.  It does have blinds that I pulled up as I wanted the inside to be seen.  The one feature that’s now shown is that you can open a portion of the roof at the top by pressing the button inside the house.  It’s small and cozy, made of wood and brick and only 47 land impact.

Details all below.

Enjoy ♥

DaD “The RoundHouse” c/m v.1.0 @ FaMESHed

Konoha @ Neo Japan
Konoha – Salix goppi – 1
Konoha – Salix goppi – 2

Konoha – Populus saisei trees @ Main Store

Konoha – Nanohana @ Main Store

Other items shown:
HPMD* Shrub03
Nutmeg. Pumpkin Crate
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Room Divider
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Laundry Bag Fawn
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Throw
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Desk
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Book Stack
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Vase
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Chair w/Bag Adult
*LODE* Decor – Anna Wall Lantern
Concept} 06. TheMagicWoods. Woods + Plaid
Concept} 13. TheMagicWoods. Chair White
CONCEPT} 04. BARADOS. Vase decor

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Finding your place

I instantly liked these floral pumpkins that Apple Fall released for a weekend Saturday sale.  They’re just pretty and so fun to decorate with, and he added a new book arrangement as well.  I am not showing all the pumpkins, but in a near future post I will be featuring others.

New round of the Curated Event, where you can find original art pieces by participating artists each month.  I’m showing an art piece by Whiskey Monday, the “Everywhere and Nowhere” is the long vertical frame with a woman sitting on the edge of the window and curtain flying in the wind.  The frame came in white, so did a little tinting to match my overall look.  It’s available as copy/mod for $200L during the event.

The other item that I am showing today is a new release by Deco Soup.  If you’ve been around a while and follow the home and garden scene, then you may be familiar with the creator behind the brand.  Sienna Skye Foxdale was once a home and garden blogger, creating beautiful decor spaces. She just released these gallery frames, which are great for any room in your homes to display your own photos.  I’m showing the bonus set that included original black and white photography, though as mentioned there are frames in which you can add your own photos.

Enjoy ♥

Apple Fall Floral Pumpkin – Black
Apple Fall Floral Pumpkin – White
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 17
Apple Fall Lunar Pumpkin

Deco Soup – Gallery Frames Set @ The New Ones Event
Deco Soup, B&W 1
Deco Soup, B&W 2
Deco Soup, B&W 3
Deco Soup, B&W 4

Everywhere and Nowhere by Whiskey Monday for Curated Event

Other items used:
Apple Fall Autumn Playing Cards
Apple Fall Begonia Maculata
Apple Fall Carter Lamp – Nickel
Apple Fall Carved Bear – Brown
Apple Fall Leather Strapped Trunk
Apple Fall Fresh Magnolia Wreath
West Village Ginkgo Branches
KOPFKINO – Blum Sofa – Dark Grey (Materials)
KOPFKINO – Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes (Materials)
KOPFKINO – Blum Ottoman Table – Dark Grey (Materials)
Onsu ~ “Princeton” House ~ White
Mithral * Wall Bar Plant Display (Black)
Mithral * Small Block Wall Plant Display (Black)
Pitaya – Farm Curtains 02

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*PRIMA* Femme Elite

Being released tomorrow exclusively at the November round of FaMESHed is a new body.  I’m wearing the busty version and the bikini bra and thong that came with it.  Grab the details below, but make sure you check it out tomorrow when the event opens.

Enjoy ♥

The PRIMA body comes in 3 versions:
– Petite
– Busty
– Elite (is the Petite + Busty in 1 body, easy changeable between Petite and Busty via the hud)
– User friendly HUD with many options (like the breast, nipple, navel, vulva and booty shape) and a range of colors for all your nails with the choice of several nail shapes.
-Plus lots of body and bust deformers to customize your body.

Social media :
– Facebook :
– Flickr :
– Discord :
– Prima Update group : secondlife:///app/group/67668713-e8e8-a8b9-1f3b-1f4d0a216af4/about

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Live beautifully…

I’m showing a past release by [North Oak], which is the wood chair and canvas art. Nice comfortable chair available in several colors and can be found at the mainstore.  I am using a few other pieces from the store, so take a look below at the credits.   I’m also featuring a new item by Nutmeg, the pumpkin with leaves around it.  This will be a gift at the upcoming Halloween Shop & Hop event slated to open to the public on October 6th.  It will look lovely on your table, consoles, coffee tables, etc.

Enjoy ♥


[North Oak] + Thoma Low Wood Chair (sunset)
[North Oak] + Plaster on Canvas

Nutmeg. Porcelain Pumpkin Gift @ Halloween Shop & Hop (will open Oct. 6th)

Other items used:
[North Oak] – Arnav Slat Sideboard (natural)
[North Oak] + Eimi Side Table
[North Oak] + Stacey Vertical Planter
[North Oak] + Stacey Vertical Planter
[North Oak] + Kazuha Table Lamp -taper- (natural)
[North Oak] + Audrina Handle Vase
[North Oak] + Contemporary Head Bust
[North Oak] + Plaster Chain Book Decor
[North Oak] + Xiomara Fabric Rug
[North Oak] + Small Zion Weaved Baskets (tan)
[North Oak] + Friendly Otter Planter (metal)
[North Oak] + Hippo Peperomia Planter (metal)
[North Oak] + Designer Books
.spruce. moody mugs: drama queen collection {over it} {rezz}
.spruce. “Draco” the Madagascar Dragon Tree {boho 4}
.:YN:. Wooden LED panel Light wood
.:YN:. Little iron man ceiling lamp Gold
floorplan. leaning portrait / ooh la la
220ML – Modular Wine Rack – Full Rack
{CB} Aegean Loft – Skybox Rust

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28 September

Today I am showing some recent new releases by Finca, which are main store releases during the weekend sales. Table, chairs and plant were one of the sets and I really like the seasonal fabric choices for the chair cushion.  Fantastic option, especially for those who don’t want to change out large items like this when the season changes.

I showed a pumpkin candle previously in my “Autumn colors” post from the pumpkins set, and today I’m showing the white topiary of pumpkins. While these are no longer at the sale price, they can be found at the main store for your fall decorating.  The glass door cabinet was another past weekend sale item from Nutmeg, so I can’t say it enough, grab these wonderful home and garden deals during the weekend.

Enjoy ♥

FINCA – Breakfast dinette wood table SET
FINCA – Breakfast dinette chair
FINCA – Breakfast dinette fall decor

FINCA – Fall pumpkin SET – White Topiary

Nutmeg. Glass Door Cabinet

Other items used:
..::THOR::.. Autumn Essentials Tray
..::THOR::.. Delicious Rolls
MVT – Autumn basket gift – Decor – Plaid
Pitaya – Farm Curtains
Mithral * Monstera Peru (Natural Wood)
Kalopsia – Fall Wreath
[ Venture ] Paper Bees – Hanging Light (S)
tarte. hanging fern basket (w chain)
[IK] Grandma Kitchen Deco Set 2 – Spice Rack
Apple Fall Straw Broom
:CP: Dewey Calendar

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Roman Village

About two weeks ago I showcased one set of this huge release by Fanatik, the Villa Rustica.   Today I am showing the remaining pieces of this set, which is the forum, temple, roads and village.

Such a great set of builds for those who love to create sims for role-play or even for your own personal homes.

Very good detail in every piece, so grab the taxi below to the main store to get the teleport to the demo site.

All items are not individually listed, only the names of the sets are listed.

The picture below is the full view of the first picture that was cropped to show you my  layout, but certainly  so  many  ways  to  go  with  this.

Enjoy ♥

New Releases of :FANATIK:

:FANATIK: Roman Temple

:FANATIK: Roman Village

:FANATIK: Via Romana Roads

:FANATIK: Roman Forum



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Kilim style

Doing a second post today as it includes a couple of items from FaMESHed, which is slated to close in the next day or so.  I am using the trail lodge again that I showcased with my Autumn colors post.  Then I’m also showcasing the coffee machine and cups from .little fox. that can also be found at the event.  Plus the loveseat and armchair by Bricolage, which was a release for the weekend sales.  Several choices of fabrics for each and all of them quite lovely.  I am also showcasing the pumpkin centerpiece by DaD-virtual living-, which is a retextured item.  Don’t miss grabbing the new fall wreaths at the store.

Enjoy ♥

Bricolage Kilim ArmChair Adult
Bricolage Kilim Loveseat PG
Bricolage Ficus Pot Plant
Bricolage Mid-Century Pastel Kilim Rug m

DaD “Pumpkin Centerpiece” c/m

KraftWork Trail Lodge @ FaMESHed

.little fox. – Martha’s coffee bar – Coffee machine / creme @ FaMESHed 
.little fox. – Martha’s coffee bar – Coffee cups / group
.little fox. – Martha’s coffee bar – Coffee cup / single

Other items used:
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Wood table
KraftWork Helina Terrarium . Dark
KraftWork Antique Sideboard
Ariskea [ELLE] Rattan Basket Candle
Ariskea [ELLE] Bamboo Basket Plant
Ariskea[Cashew] Autumn Wreath [Cinnamon ]
Ariskea[Cashew] Autumn Wreath [Mustard]
Ariskea[Acai] Wicker Basket & Dry leaf
[Rezz Room] Jack Russell Adult Animesh (Companion)
Pomegranate – Corinth Rug – Forest
Camdem – Season Change – 1.Devil’s Ivy Long RARE
Camdem – Season Change – 2.Devil’s Ivy Short RARE

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It’s an old story…

I really love this new pumpkin crate that Nutmeg made for one of the weekend sales.  It such a great piece either with the fireplace or without, and fantastic for the fall decor.  The display on the coffee table is another bargain, so if you are not looking for these nuggets of goodness each week you’re missing out.   I dug in the inventory closet for some old favorites to complete the look.

Enjoy ♥

Featured items:
Nutmeg. Pumpkin Fireplace
Nutmeg. Fall Decor

Other items used:
Nutmeg. Disarray Iron Wine Rack
Nutmeg. Autumn Lounge Coffee Table
Nutmeg. Old Gilded Crown
Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Rug / 1 Bonus
Nutmeg. Hallway Clutter Basket / 1
Nutmeg. Old Story Frames Gold
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Chandelier (Long)
Nutmeg. Romanov’s Golden Dresser
Nutmeg. Romanov’s Serving Tray Gold
Nutmeg. French Golden Framed Mirror
Nutmeg. Brass Candlestick 1
Nutmeg. Brass Candlestick 2
Nutmeg. Brass Candlestick 3
Nutmeg. Brass Candlestick 4
Nutmeg. Brass Candlestick 5
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Light v1
Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Brown
Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Brown PG
Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Olive