Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You….. Be Pink

Happy Sunday! I know I’ve been a little quite lately with my posts.  There’s a lot going on in my mind lately, and every once in a while I just can’t put a sentence together.  I have very little time left before I have to step out and I wanted to get this posted.

Are you into pink?  I have to confess it’s not one of my favorite colors, especially when it comes to decor.  In any event, here is my pink showcase featuring the bed from Merak, available currently at the ongoing round of FaMESHed.  I had to tint the bed a little darker, so just want to mention that as it’s not as pink as my picture would indicate.  It’s a plus that you can do it.  I’m also featuring the “Pink For You” gacha by Haikei, available now at Kustom9.  You can see the vendor key here, so you’ll know what pieces are part of the set.  I realized afterwards I left one piece out, it’s a pink heart.

Also, there are three items from {moss&mink} that you can grab for free at the Second Life Birthday event.  Unfortunately, I didn’t grab the exact location for where they’re set up in the 4 sims where creators/designers are set up. However, you take the one I provided you should be able to jump from sim to sim with it.

Good luck, as it was hard to get into as it’s very full.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

*Pink For You Gacha by Haikei @ Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / RARE
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {1}
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {2}
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {3}
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {4}
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {5}
:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {7}

*Him&Her Bed Adult by [Merak] @ FaMESHed {tinted}

Misc Items from {moss&mink}
{moss&mink} Bottled Flowers – White
{moss&mink} Tropical Bliss – Planter 1
{moss&mink} Tropical Bliss – Daybed (Adult) RARE
{moss&mink} Memo center
{moss&mink} Vanity seat
{moss&mink} Tropical Bliss – Planter 2
{moss&mink} Photo Gallery {SLB15 Gift}
{moss&mink} Heart Side Table {SLB15 Gift}
{moss&mink} Be happy Wall Hanging {SLB15 Gift}

ionic : Milkshake et Biscuits {from C’est la Vie Gacha}

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