Big house on the prairie

I grew up watching the television series, “little house on the prairie,” which was a wholesome family show about a family living in a small farm in the Midwest.  This house by Scarlet Creative is nothing like the home portrayed in the show, the name just reminded me of it.   Check out the credits for everything being featured.

Hope it’s a great weekend!

Prairie Cream Cottage by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
*Big Red Maple {Animated}6 Seasons by Little Branch @ Uber
*Wild Sitka Pines – Mature by Heart 

Large Ocean Pier by Apple Fall
Spring Daisies Truck – (No Poses) by O.M.E.N
Wild Grasses -khaki- by Happy Mood
Bramble Bush Autumn by Never You Mind
Cliff Hills by Happy Mood
Forest Grass by 3D Trees
Grass & Fence by Compulsion Overdrive {modded}

2 thoughts on “Big house on the prairie

  1. Oh, I remember that series, they used to show it on the BBC World Service! It was so different to where I was brought up, I was fascinated… plus the storytelling (from real life I believe) was also enthralling. Laura was lucky to have lived such a wonderful childhood. I liked it much better than The Waltons although I used to watch that, too.

    1. Yes, it was based on the childhood of Laura and her books. It was a good show, and I liked the Waltons as well. We used to joke at times, when my family was all together and start to say goodnight Johnbo, goodnight Elizabeth.. as we left for bed. haha

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