Do what brings you joy, and your purpose will unfold

Hello everyone!  I’m sort of back.  I was planning to take my break to the end of the month, except I’m sort of itching to start now.  Therefore, I’m officially calling myself back to blogging.  I’ll be doing a post showcasing items later tonight.  I’m just going to ramble a few minutes.  My picture is just another one that I took some time ago that wasn’t meant for blogging.

I have to say that my month long break was good for me.  I spent time organizing my inventory when I spent time online. While I didn’t delete much, it is much better organized than it was.  I still have loads more that I want to accomplish with it, though will always continually be a work in progress.  The break also let me refocus and make a decision if I really wanted to continue to blog. I love home and garden, the setting up scenes, editing the photos and everything that comes with it.  Though, I have to admit I was getting a little burnt out and maybe somewhat bored. The fact that I am ready to return means I’m not ready to hang up my hat. I will change it up here and there and probably do some fashion mixed with decor and eventually some fantasy photos again at my “Alexa’s Fantasy Wardrobe” blog.

That brings me also to a change I made to my blog.  At the end of the year I also ran out of space on this blog.  For the time being and probably will remain for now is that I have moved all my posts from the beginning of time up to May 25, 2018 to another blog (Bits & Pieces of My SL).  I still have to update links, which will take me some time.  In the meantime, I’ve added the link above and on the side of my blog, especially for those who get ” Oops! That page can’t be found.”  I know it’s a bit of a nuisance, though hopefully not so much.

That’s it for now, will see you all soon again here soon!



9 thoughts on “Do what brings you joy, and your purpose will unfold

  1. Glad to see you back, my friend! A break is good, otherwise you do get burned out. So is somebody telling you in no uncertain terms that your photos are rubbish. It’s certainly a good kick up the junction!

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