Freshly squeezed

Most of you know that Flickr has been down the last 24 hours due to some maintenance.  It’s back up for some and others not quite yet.  It came up for me and then went down ago.  I’m posting anyway.

Last night while I was doing this scene, it made me realize how dependent I really am on Flickr for finding items in my inventory.  Whenever I can’t recall a name of a particular item I usually go to the creators page or my own and scroll through pictures to find the item name.  Or when I’m looking for a particular type of plant or furniture I can scroll through a home and garden group to find something new or remember an item I have and forgotten about.

I was trying to find this stove that is pictured by Apple Fall.  I searched with words like stove, antique, range and the creators name.   I found plenty, just not this one.  I never would have guessed that the stove would be called a cooker.

I missed you Flickr.

Today I’m showcasing a new set by Contrast at Shiny Shabby. The set made up of table, chairs and vase with cotton is available in other colors.  I’ve used the old enamelware set by InsurreKtion to go with my scene.

I hope you enjoy.

*Weekend Set by Contrast @ Shiny Shabby
Contrast – Weekend Chair White W/blanket
Contrast – Weekend Cotton Vase
Contrast – Weekend Table Black
Contrast – Weekend Chair White

*Old Enamelware Set by [IK] @ Tres Chic
[IK] Old Enamelware – Table
[IK] Old Enamelware – Washstand
[IK] Old Enamelware – Stool
[IK] Old Enamelware – Shelf
[IK] Old Enamelware – Chair

Nutmeg. Silver Lemons & Wine @ Anthem

Apple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp
Apple Fall Old Manufactory
Apple Fall Pembleton Cooker
Apple Fall Pan Rack
Apple Fall Vintage Jelly Molds
Apple Fall Stacked Wire Baskets
Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles

33_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Curtain

Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace

7 thoughts on “Freshly squeezed

  1. *smiles* Yes, that’s the English name for a stove. What we call a “stove” is a fireplace that burns wood or other consumables such as coal and thereby heats the home. An example would be a wood burning stove placed between two rooms and which heats both areas.

    Our word “cooker” refers to an oven which we cook food on exclusively, it generally has hot plates or rings and a separate grill area together with the oven part, and it can be gas, electric or both. It doesn’t normally have that heating element to it.

    However, there’s always an exception to any rule and what we call an Aga is a wood burning or coal burning traditional cast iron range cooker that also heats the house by dint of it being on most of the time. Often found in farmhouses and of late, really posh houses where they want to get in a bit of oneupmanship. The models used nowadays are generally oil fired or gas fired and cook by radiant heat emanating from all surfaces which is supposed to be a better and less fierce cooking method. My gran used to have one of the traditional Aga which took some looking after.

    And as for Flickr – sometimes it’s there for me and sometimes the Bad, bad panda page is up and that’s as far as I get. Some of the Sponsors are excusing us for Flickr photographs and just accepting the blog posts at the moment.

    1. Yes, I googled afterwards! I think the only thing we call cookers are our pressure cookers. Though now I’ll remember it hopefully for next time! Thanks for the education Moz. Enjoy your weekend!

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