The Maine Coast of Second Life

The Maine coast is known to have some of the most beautiful spots in America with one of the largest coastlines.  Each town along the coast offers its own natural charm with an array of fun activities and some of the most gorgeous homes and neighborhoods that make it a special place to live.

Now you can have a similiar experience in Second Life.  The Maine Coast is a residential community that is made up of 11 islands.  Yes, that many connected communities that welcomes you to share and live in an upscale and classy residential lifestyle.

The landing point is at the town center where you can gather and meet your neighbors.  The community is still a work in progress, but available now for moving in.  There will be planned ammenities that will enhance your lifestyle and experience living in a residential community intended for family role-play and open to all residents of Second Life.

There are different styles of homes to choose from.   Rental information can be found by clicking on the mail boxes in front or near each home.

For more information visit The Maine Coast  residential communities{click name for landmark}.

The Maine Coast Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/183424878@N06/

Have more questions or want more prims? Contact Defendi Resident (offlines go to email).

The Maine Coast is a residential community open to all residents of Second Life –  Family & kid friendly, LGBQT friendly and dog, cat, furry friendly too.   

13 thoughts on “The Maine Coast of Second Life

    1. Thank you!! I think the sim is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it when its all done. Two homes?? Omg.. I can barely decorate one for my personal use. haha.

      1. Yes… I found one I really liked, so I rented it… then I found another one I really liked! The thing I enjoy with rented places is being able to use some of my vast inventory and not effect the prim-count of my actual home, and decorating a new place is fun (:

      2. Well, it was too good to be true! I was there, this morning, starting to decorate one of my amazing new places, when I was evicted from them both, with no warning. When I asked the person who was repaying me my money (not all of it, they charged me for the short time I didn’t even live there) why I had been evicted, they gave me a sneering reply saying both places had been incorrectly priced, they were not L$50 a week, but L$2500 a week, and it was somehow my fault I had assumed the listed rental price was the correct one. So much for a friendly and inclusive community.

    2. Read about your experience and felt it was important to clarify a few things. Yes, the houses were incorrectly priced. No, that wasn’t your fault. But shortly after you rented, a message was sent about the issue and the option was given to pay the correct price, reduce the prims thus reducing the price or to be refunded. No response was received back so unfortunately, we had to eject and refund. I’m sorry this wasn’t a favorable experience for you but we must show fairness to our other renters that are paying the correct prices. We still welcome you to our community and events to enjoy the good life of Maine.

      1. How could I respond to a message I never received? I seriously doubt the person I dealt with, the one who blamed me for believing the vendor price, would have been capable of producing such a reasonable response as the one you are claiming to have sent. If I am still welcome to enjoy the good life of Maine, why do TP’s I saved say it no-longer exists?

    1. Thank you.. unfortunately I don’t know what happened.. the sims are either being reworked or they decided to pull them down. I don’t know. I just found that out tonight. :/

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