Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Happy Wednesday! The Arcade is back this month with their special Halloween edition.  Grab a seat and have breakfast on me and take a look below for everything shown as I combined newly released decor with some previous releases.

Ariskea[Spiced]Autumn leaves [Red]

*Norton Gacha by ContrastThe Arcade
Contrast – Norton Box 1
Contrast – Norton Sideboard 8
Contrast – Norton Skull 10
Contrast – Norton Metal Chair 6
Contrast – Norton Wall Lamp 7
Contrast – Norton ceiling lamp 9
Contrast – Norton Moto Table 11 RARE
Contrast – Norton Frame A 2
Contrast – Norton Rug B 5
Contrast – Norton Frame B 3

Octavia Absinthe by GranolaSalem
Granola. Octavia Absinthe Fountain.
Granola. Octavia Absinthe Bottle.
Granola. Octavia Absinthe Glass V2.
Granola. Octavia Absinthe Glass V1.

[Black Bantam] Crepes And Fruit Plate All Decor 1Li
[Black Bantam] Breakfast For Senpai Plate Decor Low

[Rezz Room] British Shorthair Napping @ The Arcade
[Rezz Room] British Shorthair Yawning @ The Arcade

*HEXtraordinary* Cow Panda – Wanderer (REZ) @ The Arcade

Contrast – prime armchair RARE 2
Contrast – prime table lamp
Contrast – prime side table
Contrast – prime frame 1
Contrast – prime frame 7
Contrast – Prime Set
Contrast – prime frame 3

7 – Institute of Oral Love
7 – MicroAmp-78-T
7 – Amp 951-A The Synthastar

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – succulent bowl mix.
{vespertine} hanging succulents. – string of pearls.,

DaD “Climbing Ivy plant” m/c
DaD “Agave plant ” m/c
DaD “Succulent plant 02” m/c
DaD “Succulent plant 01” m/c


Skye Warehouse Loft


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