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Listening to the winds of change

New release by Trompe Loeil.  The Zaliki Tropical Cottage is an open-air wood and concrete two story build.  It’s got a lot of details like a built in roof waterfall that cascades on either side and kitchen among the few.  The footprint is 21 meters by 14 meters with a land impact of about 70 or 84 with options available.

I’m also showcasing new rock and cliff collection by Studio Skye.  I combined and sized down some of the pieces , though the collection gives you quite of few pieces for you to create and design to your individual needs.

Trompe Loeil – Zaliki Tropical Cottage PG @ UBER

StudioSkye EPIC Cliff Collection **NEW** 

StudioSkye EPIC Rock Collection **NEW**

StudioSkye Twisted Tree

StudioSkye Windswept Tree

Heart – Nymphaea Nouchali – LilyPad Base Plate – Large

RasenTree {used leaves only} by Roiro

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