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Out for breakfast.

Before I actually do go and grab some breakfast I invite you to take a seat and look at everything that I’m showcasing today.  Most recent releases by Loft & Aria.  Beautifully done pieces and sets that worked very well together.

Hope you enjoy ♥

Loft& Aria – Corey Wall Sculpture @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Glass Desk @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Office Chair @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Armchair (PG) @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Sprial Notebook @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Media Laptop @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Paperclip Tray @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Pencil Holder @ UBER
Loft& Aria – Corey Desk Lamp @ UBER

Loft & Aria – Ceres Console Table
Loft& Aria – Ceres Vase B
Loft& Aria – Ceres Vase A
Loft& Aria – Ceres Books
Loft& Aria – Ceres Bust
Loft& Aria – Ceres Canvas
Loft& Aria – Ceres Sconce
Loft& Aria – Ceres Pouf
Loft& Aria – Tennyson Zebra Rug

Loft & Aria – Ademar Carnations
Loft& Aria – Ademar Frame
Loft& Aria – Ademar Diffuser
Loft& Aria – Ademar Candle Small
Loft& Aria – Mr. Ademar
Loft& Aria – Ademar Paisley Books
Loft& Aria – Nelson Picture Frame 2.0

Loft & Aria – Two_of_Us
Loft& Aria – Amherst Candles

Onsu ~ “St. Cloud” Skybox ~ 

Loft & Aria – Camel and Tom Fjord
Loft & Aria – Lian Body Sculpture
Loft & Aria – Lian Steel Sculptures
Loft & Aria – Lian Shelf
Loft & Aria – Lian Wave Sculpture
Loft & Aria – Lian Why Knot
Loft & Aria – Lian Bird Outlines
Loft & Aria – Lian Faces Sculpture

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