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The book club

I have always enjoyed reading, often spending hours on end lost in a book. Many nights into the early hours just to finish a book I couldn’t put down.  I’m currently half way reading one now, though I confess that I don’t make enough time to read more than one book a month.  I’ve also had the thought on occasion to join a book club, thinking it could be fun to discuss our understanding and thoughts of a book.  Anyone belong to a book club and has pros and cons?

Today I bring you a previous release now at the main store from Ariskea.  The table, chairs, hanging books and everything else on the table except the parrot on the chair is from the set.  It’s whimsical and quite lovely, and a great set for a dining set as well.  The parrot also a previous release and at the [Rezz Room] main store.  It’s a beauty of parrot that can be worn, so you’ll never feel lonely again.  Or it can be rezzed to idle, wander or follow.  Comes with three choices of colors, 20 static animations and a talking system.

Enjoy ♥

Ariskea[Honeytree] Old Vintage table
Ariskea[Honeytree] Round Wood Chair
Ariskea[Honeytree] Dinner Plates
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book Stack
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book Pages Runner
Ariskea[Honeytree] Center Piece Flowers
Ariskea[Honeytree] Candle Holder
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book decor 1
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book decor 2
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book decor 3
Ariskea[Honeytree] Book decor 4

[Rezz Room] Parrot Animesh (On Shoulder) v2.0.0


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

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