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Make the time

I don’t know about you, making time for a bath is not often on my list of things to do.  I rush for a quick shower and keep moving.  Though if you want to sit back and enjoy alone time, then this scene is perfect for you.  Items are a past release, but a lovely one that I wanted to blog.  If you want to relax, then grab the scented oils, bath salts, rose petals and anything you need to get you in the mood to let go of the day and let your mind and body rest.  Don’t forget the candles and the music.

Enjoy ♥

Ariskea[Soak] Marble bath [Adult]

Ariskea[Woodland] Mirror Shelf & Decor 1

Apple Fall Pampas Grass

Pitaya – Flowing curtains 02

Ariskea[ Catherine ] Little retreat
Ariskea[Ethan] Monstera Plant
Ariskea[Ethan] Bowls
Ariskea[Mist] Handcream & Soap
Ariskea[Marianne] Small Flower bottle
Ariskea[Mist] Towel Basket
Ariskea[Lush] Propagate leaf Vase
Ariskea[Carly] Potery Hydrangea -Mellow
Ariskea[Ethan] Fur Pouf

dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hanging towel
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hanging robe . c
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hamper

Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Rug
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Rose Bonus Item

Foxwood – Little Beagle – lay


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