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Winter in the woods


I enjoy doing landscaping scenes, even if I push beyond my available prims.  Sometimes having to take up other objects just to get some extra prims to make it work.  Today I am showcasing a new release by Fanatik, the ice plates that break when walked over.  They also break with a collision or if shot with projectiles.  Pretty cool stuff.  The land dividers which come with a seasonal hud, located in the back are not new, but also being featured.  Showcasing also previous releases by DRD, so grab all the details below.

Enjoy ♥

LR & FANATIK – IcePlate A (scripted) V1.01

:FANATIK: Land Dividers

DRD – Their Last Christmas – Snowy Cabin / all items @ DRD Christmas Market 
DRD – Their Last Christmas – Dusty Deer Lights
DRD – Moonshine Shack – Cozy Chair
DRD – Moonshine Shack – Bench
DRD – The Last Christmas Shop – Old Sled
DRD – Moonshine Shack – snowy softlink

HISA – Winter shrubbery 1
HISA – Winter shrubbery 2
HISA – Winter bush 1
HISA – Winter bush 2
HISA – Winter bush 3
HISA – Winter bush 4
HISA – Winter Grass MIX 2
HISA – Winter small grass clump

Skye Enchanted Woods V3

HPMD* Shrub03
HPMD* Winter Grass 2013 – a

Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-A]
Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Middle] for small use

Wooden Pump Shotgun v1.01 – SciLab

Just Animals – Deer Grazing – Mesh – Full Perm
Just Animals – Deer Looking – Mesh – Full Perm

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