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Hello everyone.  I am back after a month long break.  Much needed time off to gather my thoughts, energy and do a bit of inventory clean up.  I didn’t make much of an improvement with the last.  It will always be a work in progress. 

I really encourage you all to take time off here and there.  While I tend to do it only once a year, it’s enough for me to recharge, do other things, and re-evaluate if blogging is still for me.  This past year had a lot of changes for me personally, and somehow a bit busier in both worlds that I was really pushing myself to get motivated and inspired to blog by the end of the year.   I’m thankful to work from home and that has helped a lot with managing things I do in Second Life.  Though I recognized that I could not continue in the same way, so I made the decision to reduce my blogging commitments by more than half.  It was not an easy task, deciding, as every brand I blogged for are wonderful creators.  I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to blog for so many great creators and events.  It’s been a positive experience for me, though this change also feels like a right move in direction.  So let’s see what 2022 brings. 

Today I am blogging some of Nutmegs recent releases.  The Memories of Summer Set can be found at the Mainstore and the Castle Lounge set is still at Kustom9.  Beautifully detailed as always, that any piece you decide to get will be treasured forever.  

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Set @ Mainstore
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Desk

Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Vase
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Book Stack
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Dry Flowers
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Chair w/Bag Adult
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Floor Lamp / White
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Clutter

Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Set @ Kustom9
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Fireplace Bonus Item

Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Tea Table /Floral
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Ottoman Adult
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Book
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Armchair w/Blanket / Animated for ottoman
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Chandelier / Long

Nutmeg. Retro Glam Telephone Cream

Other Nutmeg Items used:
Nutmeg. Jovial Eve Spruce Vase w/Lights
.7. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Large Tassel Rug
.8. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Round Tassel Rug
.9. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Round Flower Rug
.24. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Unwrapped Parcel
.23. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Banana Pancakes
.4. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Tapestry / 4
Nutmeg. Winter’s Dawn Basket
Nutmeg. Glass Library Branch
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Wreath Bonus
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Books
Nutmeg. Glass Library Book Pile w/Ribbon / 1
.11. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Grey Books
.23. Nutmeg. Musical Escape White Dress
.22. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Ivory Aroma Jar
Nutmeg. Home Clutter Rolled Up Rugs
Nutmeg. Musical Escape Hanging Wreath Exclusive Item
Nutmeg. Autumn Lounge Doors Decor (No Shadow)
.14. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Flower Book
.18. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Charcoal Boxy Candle Holder
.16. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Charcoal Rounded Candle Holder
.17. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Boxy Candle Holder
.15. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Ashen Rounded Candle Holder
.16. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Mug / 1
Nutmeg. Glass Library Book Pile / 2

22769 – Frames Clutter – COMMON

Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse

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