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Amaia Cottage

Trompe Loeil always does a wonderful job of describing their homes, so I just took it right from their Flickr.

Enjoy ♥

The Amaia Cottage is an equatorial-style 2 story home with tintable interior and exterior walls – stick with our beautifully neutral default color scheme, or brighten up inside and out with any bold color palette you wish! Multi-level front and back patios are finished in terra cotta tiles, with delicately painted ceramic tile insets on all stairway steps for a detailed finish. Gravel-lined built-in planters (we include removable plants to get you started) let you add greenery with ease. The matching tiled pool is animated for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Inside, the downstairs great room looks over both front and back deck areas through built-in slatted awnings. Upstairs, after climbing the outdoor staircase, we include two private rooms with their own small outdoor deck areas.

Footprint is 33.2 meters by 35.8 meters, and Land Impact is 146.

Trompe Loeil – Amaia Cottage V1.1 @ FaMESHed 

:Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Mountain

HISA – Greenery Shrubs

Pine Trees by 3D Trees
Cube Republic Mountain Pines

Yellow forest Daisy Flowers by Two Moon Gardens
Woodland Weeds by Two Moon Gardens

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