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Intertwined Spring…

I couldn’t make up my mind which picture to use, so two for the price of indecisiveness.  Plus, why let a perfectly good picture go unshown.   I’m showing the latest release by 8f8 that can be at this round of Anthem.  Intertwined Spring comes in various colors and has single and couple animations, including bird sounds that can be turned off if you prefer complete silence to hear your own thinking.  My mind makes a lot of noise, so it’s quite handy to have that feature.

Enjoy ♥

8f8 – Intertwined Spring – NATURAL_Wood @ Anthem Event

8f8 – just add water – The Island
8f8 – just add water – Pines

JIAN Pekin Duck :: Static Duck – Walking
JIAN Pekin Duck :: Duckling – Walking

HPMD* WildGrasses


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