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This month Nutmeg is hitting it out of the park with her releases. More to come!  This cute set is Mediterranean Dream, which consists of the daybed, book, hat, rug, end table with the ceramic bowl and pitcher.  Few options for colors and with or without the bed curtain.  I’ve paired it up with some previous releases, one of my favorites is the painter’s attic full of painting items.  Showing again the adorable Jack Russell from Rezz Room.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream Daybed w/Curtain Adult @ Anthem 
Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream Book
Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream Ceramics
Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream End Table
Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream Hat
Nutmeg. Mediterranean Dream Rug

[Rezz Room] Jack Russell Adult Animesh (Companion) @ Equal10

Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Dry Flowers
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Book Stack
.18. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Sketches
17. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Cloth
17. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Brush Rinse Jar
2. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Paint Tube Rack RARE
1. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Stool Adult RARE
8. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Canvas Set / 1
1. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Easel w/Canvas RARE
14. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Tubs & Cans
21. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Potted Plant / 1
Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Clothes
Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Wreath
Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace
Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace Tools
Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Rug / 1 Bonus
Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Plant
Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Newspaper / 1
Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace Firewood
Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Lamp
Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Armchair Adult

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