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Spring morning..

Hope the start of the week is treating everyone well.  Today I am showing a new release by Nutmeg, the Spring Morning set, which can be found at Bloom Event.  Initially I started with an outdoors shot, and somehow transitioned into a small kitchen scene indoors.  It’s an adorable set, that includes the table and chairs, newspaper with flower on top, eggs in wooden basket, tea set, plant and also the snowdrop pot on table.  As always used previous releases to complete the scene, all items are listed below.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Throw Adult / Set @ Bloom
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Table
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Newspaper
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Cushion Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Willow
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Tea Set
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Eggs
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Snowdrop Pot

Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Breakfast Tray
Nutmeg. Midsummer Brunch Bread Basket
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Rug PG / 2
Nutmeg. Summer’s End Apple Basket
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Stool Adult Exclusive
Nutmeg. Apple Terrace Filled Bowl
Nutmeg. Apple Terrace Fallen Fruit
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink w/Skirt
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Round Bowl Stack
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet
Nutmeg. Midsummer Brunch Eggs & Milk v2
Nutmeg. Fresh Delivery Milk Jar / 2
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Olive Oil
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Utensil Crock w/Cloth
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Bread Bin / 1
Nutmeg. Ornate Corridor Herb Basket
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchenware Rack
Nutmeg. Her Vintage Bag
Nutmeg. Her Vintage Shoes / Left
Nutmeg. Her Vintage Shoes / Right
Nutmeg. Sunroom Lemon Tree
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchenware Pile
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Rosemary Bunch Bonus Item

[Rezz Room] Golden Retriever Puppy (Companion) v2.0.0

MINIMAL – IVY Backdrop -TWO-

02 MI Milk Bottles Decor

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