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Roman Village

About two weeks ago I showcased one set of this huge release by Fanatik, the Villa Rustica.   Today I am showing the remaining pieces of this set, which is the forum, temple, roads and village.

Such a great set of builds for those who love to create sims for role-play or even for your own personal homes.

Very good detail in every piece, so grab the taxi below to the main store to get the teleport to the demo site.

All items are not individually listed, only the names of the sets are listed.

The picture below is the full view of the first picture that was cropped to show you my  layout, but certainly  so  many  ways  to  go  with  this.

Enjoy ♥

New Releases of :FANATIK:

:FANATIK: Roman Temple

:FANATIK: Roman Village

:FANATIK: Via Romana Roads

:FANATIK: Roman Forum



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