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No small talks held here…

Happy Monday, and to the new week.  It’s hard to believe we are in November, or that it’s the last two months of the year.  Time does not stand still.

Today I am featuring a new release by Nutmeg, the Quaint Foreroom set.  It’s the beautiful armchairs, one with a throw and one without and several options of muted colors for the fabrics.  The ivory fireplace with tools that are hanging on the wall and woodpile in the curved metal open basket.  There is a dark version of the fireplace as well as pg and adult version of the armchairs.  Nutmeg also threw in some bonus items with the set purchase, of rug and bread in a cast iron pot.  Got to love that!  I for one, can’t resist warm bread with melted butter.

Aside from the building, everything else used is also from Nutmeg, so take a look below for the remaining items shown.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Armchair w/Throw / Set @ Anthem Event 
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Armchair Adult
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Rug / Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Fireplace Ivory
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Bread wo Smoke / Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Fireplace Tools
Nutmeg. Quaint Foreroom Woodpile

Other items used:
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Books
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Knitting
11. Nutmeg. Dandy Ashtray Silver
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Painting (no shadow)_Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Holiday Wreath Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Teacup / 2
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Vase Set
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Plated Pink Branch
Nutmeg. Classic Bookshelf Stuffed
Nutmeg. Delicate Glamor Books & Cup Exclusive
Nutmeg. Warm Corner Books
11. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Grey Books
Nutmeg. Springtide Book Stack / 1 Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Stool / 1
Nutmeg. Familiar Mess Nutbook Bonus Item v2
Nutmeg. Pencil Sketches
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Pillows Set2 Decor
18. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Sketches
Nutmeg. His Bicycle / Decor (w/Shadow)
Nutmeg. Canvas Set
Nutmeg. Warm Corner Radiator w/Books
Scarlet Creative Prairie Blue Cottage

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