It’s a bit cold here…

It feels a little unreal that we are in the last month of this year.   Time has not stood still and neither does the weather, it’s 35° degrees outside according to the weather app on my phone.   Thank goodness for warm socks, sweaters and heaters.

It’s been a few days since my last blog post. Things have been a little busy on my end, though plan on posting the next several days.

Today I am showing some landscape items by Fanatik.  The icebergs and glaciers, are previous releases and perfect for the winter time.  While not the typical landscaping for your homes, it’s great for sims and great for creating scenes and backdrops for photos.  Icebergs comes with breakable pieces, and that’s pretty cool to see as they start to fall apart.

Enjoy ♥

LR & FANATIK – Icebergs
:FANATIK: Glacier

Other items shown:
LR & FANATIK – Ice Plates
:Fanatik Architecture: LOFOTEN Fatpack

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