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Roman Village

About two weeks ago I showcased one set of this huge release by Fanatik, the Villa Rustica.   Today I am showing the remaining pieces of this set, which is the forum, temple, roads and village.

Such a great set of builds for those who love to create sims for role-play or even for your own personal homes.

Very good detail in every piece, so grab the taxi below to the main store to get the teleport to the demo site.

All items are not individually listed, only the names of the sets are listed.

The picture below is the full view of the first picture that was cropped to show you my  layout, but certainly  so  many  ways  to  go  with  this.

Enjoy ♥

New Releases of :FANATIK:

:FANATIK: Roman Temple

:FANATIK: Roman Village

:FANATIK: Via Romana Roads

:FANATIK: Roman Forum



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Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Stove / Set @ Mainstore
Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Microwave
Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Coffee Maker / 1
Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Coffee Cup / 2
Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Sugar Pot
Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Cookies

Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Crib / Child / Set @ Kustom9
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Mobile / Unscripted
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Draped Shirt
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels High Chair / Child
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Cereals Decor
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Spoon Decor
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Milk Bottle Decor
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Train Toy
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Rug / Child
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Rug / Decor
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Stacking Toy
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Koala Toy
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Chair / Child
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Elephant Toy
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Milk Bottle Decor 1
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Framed Art / 2 Bonus
Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Framed Art / 1 Bonus

Other items used:
Nutmeg. Childhood Dreams Wardrobe
Nutmeg. Childhood Dreams Chest
Nutmeg. Childhood Dreams Horse
tarte. boho curtain (sunshine)
Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer Prefab

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MINIMAL – Hijikata Building RARE @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Deco Shelf 13 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Workbench 01 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Vending Machine 05 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 10 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 08 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 09 @ Neo Japan
MINIMAL – Hijikata Ramen 11 @ Neo Japan

B-Made Cleaning Cart

–ANHELO-G01B5-168GA :: recycling B
–ANHELO-G01B5-168GA :: recycling A
–ANHELO-G01B3-168GA :: shoji
–ANHELO-G01R1-168GA :: yakiimo car
–ANHELO-M54MB-193GA :: veeen (mint blue)
–ANHELO-G01R2-168GA :: post

taikou / city road (straight)

PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Register (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Register W/ NFC (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Eyes Package (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – GPU Package (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Batteries Package (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Multimeter (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – NFC Reader (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Circuit Board (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Stripped MoBo (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – Electronics Tray (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – PC Computer (COMMON)
PsiNanna, Inc. – Cyber Repair Shop – PC Monitor (COMMON)

Army Store Old Computer

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Something a bit different today.  I’m featuring fashion by DRD, which is something you might see them do more of.  The Hellion top and pants are made to fit with Freya, Hourglass, Lara and Legacy in several colors. Find it at this first round of The Warehouse Sale Event.  I’m using other items by DRD, all listed below in credits.  I’m also wearing old tattoos that have become useful again with baked on mesh.

I took the picture at a friends place.  He built a small underground city on a platform on a small parcel.  Most items had very low land impact, which is often the challenge when you get into a project of any size.

Your nostrils are hit with the stench coming from the pollutant infested water that runs from the tunnel or a slight burning sensation in the eyes from the dense smog in the air.

Lighted signs and graffiti adorn the worn and old buildings and litter can be found piling up in corners.

There was a little mixture of themes throughout as the city was born out of a love for the unusual, grunge, apocalyptic and sci-fi.  Every area could have a story, if you just let your imagination unfold.  I could easily imagine the kind of lifestyle the inhabitants had.  There was bleakness and at the same time there was a bit of hustling type of energy in motion with neon signs and splashes of bright colors.

While I was in the room above I found myself between those two men having a conversation. They didn’t do much talking, in fact, they didn’t talk at all.  I had a job for them.  It needed to be handled with care and of course covert operations.  It’s a place where shady and under the table deals get made. Operation still in progress.

Every area really had a function and purpose.  The black market was alive and thriving.

The picture of the beggar touched my heart strings.  Sadly, something that I see almost each and every time that I go into town.

The last picture is the same as the first, except that I used a different wind light to take the photo.

I hope that you enjoyed my pictures and my words captured the imagination of the place.  Unfortunately, will not be available for public viewing.

For bigger sized pictures — you can visit my Facebook.

DRD – Hellion Top/DND – Lara @ The Warehouse Sale Event
DRD – Hellion Pants/Dark – Lara @ The Warehouse Sale Event


Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.2

.Shi Hair : Chokmah

DRD – Dirty Combats – Maitreya – Boots – Colors
DRD – Bone Injector – Back
DRD – Bone Injector – Right Upperarm
DRD – Bone Injector – Right Forearm
DRD – Bone Injector – Left Upperarm
DRD – Chunky Bangles – Left Upper – Mixed
DRD – Chunky Bangles – Right Lower – Mixed
DRD – Chunky Bangles – Left Lower – Black
DRD – Wasteland Backpack – HERS – Brown
DRD – Bone Injector – Left Forearm
DRD – Wasteland Gasmask – Goggles Coal
DRD – Chunky Bangles – Left Lower – Mixed
DRD – Chunky Bangles – Right Upper – Mixed

Izzie’s – Face & Body Dirt

::B&C:: Battered Face Fresh

– Chary – Dirty Girl Tattoo (old item)

THIS IS WRONG Just my cat

*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Secret Rosary [Fade] [Black]

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He said, she said… and so it went

-Sorumin- Tropical vibes SET -FATPACK Top- Maitreya @ Anthem 
-Sorumin- Tropical vibes SET -FATPACK Shorts- Maitreya @ Anthem 

.:[PUMEC] :. – / Mesh Ears\ – Sound Of Silence

DOUX – Hairbase Sided [M]


Pose: Boo’d Up-Bentissimo – Wonder 

He wears ~
Dura-U105-Hairstyle HUD-FAT PACK A @ The Mens Department 

FT – LeLutka Skin Jules (w/Brows ) 005 @ The Mens Department 
FT – Amin Beard @ The Mens Department 
FT – Zane Brown HairBase @ The Mens Department 

E.K – Karl – Sleeveless Shirt – Jake @ The Mens Department 

not so bad . MAO denim shorts . fitted BELLEZA . black @ The Mens Department 


-Belleza- Jake Mesh Body *Beta* V 1.0

Pose: Boo’d Up-Esperando – Esp4

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Wherever Whenever

Mesh Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Skyler.1.2

Mesh Body: -Belleza- Jake Mesh Body *Beta* V 1.0

Hairbase: Volkstone Military Hairbase // Brown @ The Mens Department

Skin: Clef de Peau.Evan [LELUTKA] @ The Mens Department

L&B * JAKEfit* SwearTECH Bomber Jacket EV085 @ FaMESHed

L&B * JAKEfit Cuffed* Swear Watchdog Jeans

SSOC Armament Co. SAC SR-16 PDW THOR v2.03 Full @ The Mens Department

SSOC Armament Co.  SAC 556 Mag(PMAG, 20Rounds) BLACK @ The Mens Department

MINIMAL – Subway Station Backdrop @ Equal10

Pose: Serendipity: ethan…