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The Madsen Collection


Fancy Decor: Madsen Sectional Sofa (adult) @ FaMESHed
Fancy Decor: Madsen Coffee Table
Fancy Decor: Madsen Floor Lamp
Fancy Decor: Madsen Painting (texture change)
Fancy Decor: Madsen Picther Tray
Fancy Decor: Madsen Bowl
Fancy Decor: Madsen Books
Fancy Decor: Madsen Remote
Fancy Decor: Madsen Rug

Nutmeg. French Cafe Journal Stack / 2

MADRAS Riana Decor Full with Texture Change
MADRAS HotNut on Stand

hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . light

Scarlet Creative Kert Warehouse Ground Version

Soy. Knotted Hanging Cloth [black]

Fancy Decor: Antony Ceramics A
Fancy Decor: Capo Magazine Stack B
Fancy Decor: Antony Magazine Basket
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4
Fancy Decor: Garnet Wine (touch for glass)

..::THOR::.. Licking Siamese Cat

LTD Studded Cushion (Monochrome)
LTD Ruffles Cushion (Couture)
LTD Studded Cushion (Chic) {tinted}

Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015

PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack

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The pleasure of snacks

Apple Fall Honey Loveseat – Adult
Apple Fall Chamise Occasional Table – Stripped Oak
Apple Fall Monterey Paneling, Straight Wide
Apple Fall Pampas Grass

[Cinoe] Stay home theater – Couch companion
[Cinoe] Stay home theater – Cola bottle
[Cinoe] Stay home theater – Popcorn

Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Hillside Manor Sketch
AF Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame (Portrait)
Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel) {modded}
Apple Fall Cosmos Flowers – White
Apple Fall Whisky Decanter
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
Apple Fall Rustic Cart Coffee Table
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light
Apple Fall Period Fireplace
Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 6

Fancy Decor: Spencer Lacquer Box

.01 [ kunst ] – Wooden ashtray (a) RARE

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Special occasions

dust bunny . special occasions . knitting kit . brown @ The Epiphany
dust bunny . special occasions . candy basket
dust bunny . special occasions . spa kit . pink

dust bunny . makeup cart . gold


JIAN Bunny v3 Valentine Wanderer

Onsu ~ “Roseville” House ~ Stone ~ Smaller Texture Version

Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Bed . PG
Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Wall Shelf . Wood
dust bunny . primrose hall tree
Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Rug . White
Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Pillow Basket
dust bunny . violet vanity . desk {tinted}
dust bunny . violet vanity . skincare tray
dust bunny . violet vanity . makeup palettes
dust bunny . violet vanity . makeup bag
dust bunny . violet vanity . brush holder
dust bunny . violet vanity . trinket dish
dust bunny . violet vanity . fur chair

Happy Mood Shrub03 – a

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Happy Valentines ♥

KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Love Seat with Blanket ADULT @ FaMESHed
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Armchair
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Coffee Table
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Bird Grid Cage Tower
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Love Wood Frame
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Heart Grid Frame
KraftWork Carmel Porch Set . Decor Clutter Tray

KraftWork Runner Rugs . Native 7 (fringes)

[Cinoe] Loved phantom – Rose tea set (Dispencer) @ Mainstore

Foxwood – Bulldog pup – lay

Kalopsia – Welcome Mat (Texture change)

Pitaya Flowing curtains 02 SHEER

POST: Holopaw Shack (l)

HPMD* Garden Vine02 – green / arrangeB
HPMD* Shrub – ygreen*b

LB_ScotspineTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons @ The Mens Department

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You just cannot ever have enough

Happy Friday! I am showcasing a new release by Nutmeg with some older items mixed in.  Let the picture speak for itself.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. La Baignoire Cluttered Washbasin @ Shiny Shabby
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Clay Soap
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Pearls
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Mirror
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Plant Jar {modded with additional plant parts}
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Hair & Body
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Skin Care
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Soap Holder

Nutmeg. La Baignoire Rug Bonus Item
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Board
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Skin Vial
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Hair Vial
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Brush Dish
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Stool / White Decor
21. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Potted Plant / 1 {modded, inserted plant parts}
1. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Stool Adult RARE
23. Nutmeg. Musical Escape White Dress
11. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Slippers

Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse

HPMD* Garden Vine02 – green / arrangeB

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The aroma of cooking

Kitchen Set Cream by K&S @ Anthem Event
Kitchen Island Cream PG

KraftWork Rolling Pins . Basket Natural
KraftWork Rolling Pins . Clutter Natural

(Luc.) Chicken & Waffles [Decor, BENTO Guest Server] @ Anthem Event
(Luc.) Plate of Chicken & Waffles V1 [Decor]
(Luc.) Fork [BENTO accessory]

Pitaya – La cuisine – Can Food 01 @ The Epiphany
Pitaya – La cuisine – Cutting boards
Pitaya – La cuisine – Cake platters
Pitaya – La cuisine – Plaques 01
Pitaya – La cuisine – Spice container
Pitaya – La cuisine – Platters
Pitaya – La cuisine – Bowls 02
Pitaya – La cuisine – Plaques 02
Pitaya – La cuisine – Bowls 01
Pitaya – La cuisine – Glasses
Pitaya – La cuisine – Plaques 03
Pitaya – La cuisine – Casseroles
Pitaya – La cuisine – Can Food 02
Pitaya – La cuisine – Coffee Mugs
Pitaya – La cuisine – Plant

dust bunny . mac & cheese vibes . colander
dust bunny . mac & cheese vibes . sauce pot
dust bunny . mac & cheese vibes . dish of mac
dust bunny . tiered hanging baskets . white
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . potted herbs . parsley

hive // covered fry pan . copper

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His & Hers


Loft & Aria – Kirra Vanity PG @ Main Store 
Loft & Aria – Kirra Mirror
Loft & Aria – Kirra Sconce
Loft & Aria – Kirra Rug
Loft & Aria – Kirra Toilet
Loft & Aria – Kirra Bathtub PG
Loft & Aria – Kirra Screen
Loft & Aria – Kirra Stools
Loft & Aria – Kirra Accessories

Fancy Decor: Shower Phone Holder (black) @ UBER
Fancy Decor: Deodorant (mens)
Fancy Decor: Deodorant (womens)
Fancy Decor: Toothpaste (mint)
Fancy Decor: Sonic Toothbrush (white)
Fancy Decor: Shower Razor Holder (black)
Fancy Decor: Toothpaste (ginger)
Fancy Decor: Sonic Toothbrush (black)

Fancy Decor: Industrial Window Mirror
Fancy Decor: Industrial Towels
Fancy Decor: Industrial Soap Pump

Loft & Aria – Amherst Candle
Loft & Aria – Contessa Glass Jar
Loft & Aria – Two_of_Us

hive // large palm plant . dark

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Clean and fresh spaces

For those who like clean and fresh spaces. I’m featuring new releases from Ariskea and {moss&mink}, two of which can be found at this current round of FaMESHed.   I’ve got a fondness for green these days, so you may see more in the coming days.

Hope you like ♥


Ariskea[Abbey] Chic Bed [Adult]
Ariskea[Abbey] Side Bed Console
Ariskea[Abbey] Tassel Lamp

Ariskea[Dainty] Mannequin -for Hud  @ FaMESHed

{moss&mink} Marley Easy Chair @ FaMESHed

{moss&mink} Face Wipes (Luxe)
{moss&mink} Face Creams (Luxe)

hive x dust bunny // meadow house {featured yesterday}

{wn} Chloe Sheer Curtains

hive // decorative floor palm . sea mist . dark

Ariskea[delights] Candle & Books
Ariskea[Lumi] Eucalyptus Vase Gold
Ariskea[delights] Painting
Ariskea[Lumi] Notebook & Books
Ariskea[Lumi] Side Table & Pillow

MudHoney Rory Rug

dust bunny . sweet dreams . fur stool

Foxwood – Floofy Kitty – sleep – Light

{vespertine}treat yoself 2 – shopping bags.
{vespertine} – vine epipremnum

MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 05 {modded frames}
MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 12

Fancy Decor: Antony Magazine Basket

Home · Landscaping

Your dream home

This beauty of a home is a new release by Hive & Dust Bunny, two wonderful brands that have collaborated to bring beautifully detailed house to us.  It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, and comes with a sunroom.  A HUD allows you to change the window shutters, front door, and interior door knob colors. It’s has a land impact of 190.

You can see the home at either mains store.

Enjoy ♥


hive x dust bunny // meadow house7 – NEW Main Store Release

Little Branch_ScotspineTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons @ The Mens Department

hive // double heart boxwood topiary

Botanical – Vintage Porch Mailbox (Green)

HPMD* WildGrasses -lightGreen- a
(lowLOD)HPMD* Shrub03 – a

1 Prim Flower Bush Scene (s1) copy/mody by Felix Landscaping

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Playing with the boys



MINA Hair – Pamela @ FaMESHed

KUNGLERS – Mya necklace @ FaMESHed

-Pixicat- Nadia Sweater (Maitreya) @ FaMESHed

[Gos] Kelly Ankle Boots – Boutique [maitreya] @ FaMESHed

::GB:: Mom Color Jeans (Maitreya) Yelloe


[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Play
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Familly

LB_ScotspineTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons @ The Mens Department

HPMD* WildGrasses -lightGreen- a

Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flash green} / SCREW 1Li