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Serenity Set

It is good to be sleeping back in my bed after a couple of weeks of travel. Also nice to be using my desktop again, as I am never comfortable with using a laptop for doing anything in-world.  This picture is showcasing a couple of new releases by Dust Bunny and a new release from Rezz Room.

Hope you enjoy ♥

dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . end left . pg  / Set @ Equal10
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . straight . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . end right . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . with blanket . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . pouf
dust bunny & con . serenity . olive tree
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style b
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style c
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style a
dust bunny & con . serenity . potted branches
dust bunny & con . serenity . blanket basket
dust bunny & con . serenity . armchair . natural . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . blanket ladder
dust bunny & con . serenity . modular fireplace . piece a
dust bunny & con . serenity . ceiling light
dust bunny & con . serenity . carved wall art
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . ottoman . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . console table
dust bunny & con . serenity . pampas vase
dust bunny & con . serenity . woven rug

[Rezz Room] Schnauzer Giant Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

dust bunny . sienna hallway . coat rack / Set @ Kust0m9
dust bunny . sienna hallway . wall organizer

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 15
Apple Fall Female Bust w/ Cloth – Terracotta
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 13
Apple Fall Shoeboxes
22769 – Wooden Bowls – COMMON
Mithral * Hoya Sigillatis Duo Fat Pack
Hangry – Cutie Planters – Kitty {rez}

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Gatekeepers’ Lodge

I did not plan on blogging again this week, though it’s been a slow work week and I really wanted to share this cottage by Apple Fall.  It’s a remake of the cottage from an old gacha set in its clean version.  Absolutely adorable cottage and the good news that until tomorrow you can grab it for 75L for the new event Lazy Sunday, a market place shopping experience.

Other recent releases are also being shown — the Yorkshire bench, lattice gate and boxwood hedge from Apple Fall. Find them at the main store and make sure you check out the event as you can find some other great discounted items.  I may post again tomorrow, then nothing until next week as I will be back home and also catch up on reading blogs and doing other social media.


Apple Fall New Gatekeepers’ Lodge for Lazy Sunday

Apple Fall New Yorkshire Bench – White
Apple Fall Cedar Lattice Gate – Double, Forest Green @ Kustom9
Apple Fall Lush Boxwood Hedge – Straight, Mid-Height@ Kustom9

Konoha – Jacaranda kayla – T1 (Lower LOD – 27Li) [No Moss]
Konoha – Magnolia intent T4
Konoha – Calla lilies – Zantedeschia kimika – Depression
Nerani Pampas Grass T2 – Windy Dense Circle vcp.006
Konoha – Quercus ella – Elder Oak
Skye Woodland Path Set

Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace – P2
[we’re CLOSED] wild flowers
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
(Fundati) Boulder VIII

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Sunday morning

Apple Fall Wrought Iron Table & Chair – Cream / for the Saturday Sale
dust bunny & con . cafe bike . white
dust bunny & con . blossom statue . white . flowers type a @ Kustom9
dust bunny . picking daisies bag . dark brown . left hand v2
[Rezz Room] King Charles Spaniel Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Cranberry Muffins
AF Open Book
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Bird of Paradise Plant
Apple Fall Shield Terracotta Pot
Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated)
hive // cold brew coffee to go . decor
MINIMAL – StorefrontBuilding -6- Salon

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Space for all things creative

Apple Fall released some cute decorative items that inspired me to do a photo.   It’s a combination of his recent three releases along with some fantastic older items.  Here is my little corner in the home for doing all things creative.  Showing also the adorable Pomeranian by Rezz Room that can be found at the main store.

Enjoy ♥

Apple Fall Blossom Decorating Corner Set @ Kustom9
– Apple Fall Blossom Floral Branch
– Apple Fall Blossom Hanging Apron
– Apple Fall Blossom Wallpaper Mural
– Apple Fall Blossom Wallpaper Table

Apple Fall Blossom Decorating Corner Volume II Set for Saturday Sale
– Apple Fall Blossom Crate & Paint Supplies
– Apple Fall Blossom Moldings
– Apple Fall Blossom Paint Tin & Books
– Apple Fall Blossom Painters’ Ladder

Apple Fall Notebook & Book Accessory Set
– Apple Fall Notebook & Book Accessory, Decor

[Rezz Room] Pomeranian Long hair Animesh (Companion)

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Painters’ Chair
Apple Fall Easel w/ Drawing Mount
Apple Fall Artist Supply Cart
AF Canvas Rack (Painted)
Apple Fall Tobacco Basket
AF New Arrival Painting
Apple Fall Large Terracotta Urn
AF Interior Plant
Apple Fall Pinned Papers & Art
Apple Fall Jute Rug – Diamonds
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Lemon Oil
Apple Fall Hudson Framed Oil Painting
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Pear Oil
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ladybird Sketch
Apple Fall Pampas Grass
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 11
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Bluebird Postcard
Apple Fall Carved Bear – White
Apple Fall Leaning Art Clutter
Apple Fall Stacked Magazines
Apple Fall Female Bust w/ Cloth – White Porcelain
18. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Sketches
11. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Canvas Stack
6. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Undone Canvas / 1
7. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Undone Canvas / 2
KraftWork Projecto Wall Photos
llorisen // keating blinds.light wood
reBourne Camden {home used}

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Fancy AF

Hello everyone!  Hope life is treating everyone well.  As I said in one of my last posts I would return occasionally to do a photo and so here I am today, doing just that.  Hope you all like it.

After years blogging for both of these brands, I never expected to see them come together like this.  Exciting to see the collaboration between Apple Fall and Fancy Decor.  It’s like a perfect match and the name Fancy Fall is catchy.  Admit it. You like it.  It’s Fancy af, just like the neon sign says.  Most of what I am showing is from their joint work.

I’m still stuck on the color of green, so I tinted the walls of this skybox, which is all white with green in the front room and a blue in the back room.   There are several recently released sets in this picture and so you will find my credits broken down by the named sets and whatever I used from those sets.  Not all items were used, so don’t take it as such.

It was really nice to do a picture and post on my blog.  Not sure how often I will make a picture. I have not given it any thought beyond decorating this room, which was fun. I just may decorate something else soon.  I’ve been giving some thought to redoing my land, which up until yesterday was still in snow and decorated in Christmas things.  It’s timeless.  I like the idea of Christmas year round.   It’s peaceful and I am enjoying my solitude and when the mood strikes I work on my inventory. It’s like shopping at a vintage store.

As before — all the pretty stuff used is shown just below.

Enjoy ♥


Apple Fall Hudson Fireplace / Set @ Equal10
Apple Fall Hudson Gallery Banner
Apple Fall Hudson Framed Oil Painting
Apple Fall Hudson Books Arrangement

Fancy Fall Renouveau Armchair – Adult
Fancy Fall Renouveau Slippers – Olive
Fancy Fall Renouveau Notebook & Phone
Fancy Fall Collector’s Camera Tripod
Fancy Fall Renouveau Display Easel
Fancy Fall Renouveau Floor Lamp – Gold
Fancy Fall Renouveau Long Wooden Shelf
Fancy Fall Renouveau Stoneware Jug
Fancy Fall Renouveau Decorative Boxes
Fancy Fall Renouveau Log Holder – Gold
Fancy Fall Renouveau Slim Notebook – Forest Green
Fancy Fall Renouveau Ephemera Stack
Fancy Fall Renouveau Tied Books
Fancy Fall Renouveau Fancy AF Neon Sign

Fancy Fall Stiffkey Piano
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Piano Stool
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Wicker Basket
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Painting
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Rug
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Candlesticks – Gold

Fancy Fall Tempo Port Wine
Fancy Fall Tempo Port Wine Glass
Fancy Fall Tempo Port Wine Glass
Fancy Fall Tempo Terrazzo Tray
Fancy Fall Tempo Music Book
Fancy Fall Tempo Homalomena Plant
Fancy Fall Tempo Sconce – Gold
Fancy Fall Tempo Floral Rug
Fancy Fall Tempo Desk Chair
Fancy Fall Tempo Desk
Fancy Fall Tempo Record Player
Fancy Fall Tempo Amp
Fancy Fall Tempo Speaker
Fancy Fall Tempo Record Shelf

Fancy Fall Collector’s Torn Painting Parcel
Fancy Fall Collector’s Leaning Art
Fancy Fall Collector’s Face Statue
Fancy Fall Collector’s Drum Table
Fancy Fall Collector’s Open Book
Fancy Fall Collector’s Pouf
Fancy Fall Collector’s Spotlight – Copper
Fancy Fall Collector’s Earthenware Vase

Apple Fall Sequoia Paneling – Heritage Red @ Farmer’s Market Street Fair

Other items used:
Apple Fall Wireless Gramophone – Brass
Apple Fall Designer Hat Box
Apple Fall Pampas Grass
West Village Lily Leaves Spray
Apple Fall Signed Vinyl in Frame
West Village Belgravia Skybox
Fancy Decor: Riley Table Lamp
Fancy Decor: Riley Mirror
BALACLAVA!! Vinyl Record Ledge
floorplan. colorblock painting / countryside
floorplan. colorblock portrait / william
ChiMia:: Hera Iris Curtains
Mithral * Wall Anthurium Clarinervium (Pack A)

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Amitie Capsule Room w/ Scene Snow Mountain @ Equal10

Amitie – A Xmas Balloons {Advent Calendar Gacha} @ The Arcade 

Apple Fall Gift Box – Elegant, Cream Berries & Red @ Mainstore
Apple Fall Gift Box – Parcel, Stripes & Cream
Apple Fall Gift Box – Pom, Paper & Red
Apple Fall Gift Box – Pom, Cream & Green
Apple Fall Gift Box – Parcel, Festive & Cream
Apple Fall Gift Box – Elegant, Red Berries & Green
Apple Fall Gift Box – Classic, Cream & Navy
Apple Fall Gift Box – Elegant, Navy Berries & Cream
Apple Fall Gift Box – Classic, Cream & Olive
Apple Fall Gift Box – Classic, Cream & Red

Fancy Decor: Lustrous Christmas Tree – Pre-decorated @ FaMESHed

[North Oak] + Humble Polar Bear Planter (color) @ Mainstore

Wearing ~
TETRA – Purity Top – Legacy Perky @ Mainstore
TETRA – Purity Panties (Shorts) – Legacy

Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.4)
Mesh Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0
Hair: Stealthic – Retreat (S Head/S Breast)

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Place to rest

Showing lots of newness today, starting with the winter library shelf by Thor.  Comes in three colors of dark, ecru and wood and the back panel has nine choices to select from.  As a bonus you get the shelf in the back with the same colors.  I made mine a little smaller to be proportioned to the picture above.  The photo ledge is by Tuesdays and it’s at the current round of FaMESHed.  I used the VIP version, though the pack available allows you to use your own photos and come in two frame for a single pack or four frames for the fatpack.  The cowbells near the fireplace and vintage lantern on the back shelf I have shown previously, but at FaMESHed as well.

The fireplace is from Kopfkino and its currently at Access Event that opens today.  It’s a one piece, but it’s very customizable by HUD, which allows you to change the texture of just about everything.  I kept the original as I liked it well enough, but check it out because it really has a lot of options.  Spruce had runners at Happy Weekend sales about a week ago, so always great for the floor space and keeping our virtual feet warm.  That cute chimpanzee is from Rezz Room and at UBER.  He’s in spirit of Christmas, and as always you get static animations.  How can you resist all that adorable cuteness?  Lastly, I am also showing two pieces of art in this current round of Curated Event.  The mountain scene just above the library shelf and then smaller art framed inside the shelf.

Hope you enjoy ♥

..::THOR::.. Winter Library – fatpack @ Anthem Event
..::THOR::.. Winter Shelf – bonus

[Rezz Room] Chimpanzee Christmas Baby Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

KOPFKINO – Cozy Xmas Fireplace @ Access Event

Tuesdays Photo Ledge – VIP @ FaMESHed

.spruce. cottage christmas runner rugs {2} @ Mainstore
.spruce. cottage christmas runner rugs {4}

MYSA Hanging Cowbells Decor @ FaMESHed
MYSA – Vintage Lantern – Copper

Moon Bathing by Katharine Littlepaws for Curated Event

Anbay – Peaking Forest – Brown Frame for Curated Event 

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and 13
..::THOR::.. Tassel Rug
CHEZ MOI Belem Armchairs @ Cosmo
{wn} Bauble Tower
[Con.] Winter Loft Ladder @ Anthem
Noveny – Deer Head – Wood {modded}
Elm. Iliana Wreath [Green] @ FaMESHed
Marke. Industria Fireplace Tools Gold
Shelby – Rustic Holiday Shelf (w/resizer)
Sway’s [Wintertime] flowerpot with plant . Santa B
~BAZAR~Ivy Books
Scarlet Creative Barton Barn
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Tri Colored)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Dark)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Light)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (White)

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Getting the home ready for the holidays

I’m taking advantage of the moment that I am feeling slightly better to post showcasing items from Apple Fall and Mysa.  The fleece stockings were a new release this past weekend by Apple Fall and make for some cute decor for your Christmas decorating.  I lived in the southern part of Florida for most of my life, which meant we rarely had much of a winter.  Give or take a few cold fronts, but nothing where a fireplace was needed and it’s not the norm in a home in that part of the state.  I am now in the part of the country where fireplaces are a given, and so loving the experience of having a fireplace.  The wood ornaments on the tree are also a past recent release from Apple Fall.  The art is so pretty, and in my picture I made some big and some smaller, so they can be resized to fit your needs.  Lots of other items from Apple shown as well.

I’m also showing the hanging cowbells on the side of the fireplace, which are from Mysa at the current round of FaMESHed.  I’m really loving these types of bells, so you will see them in several of my posts during the Christmas countdown.

Enjoy ♥


Apple Fall Original Log Art Ornament – Dove
Apple Fall Original Log Art Ornament – Snowflake
Apple Fall Original Log Art Ornament – Mitten
Apple Fall Original Log Art Ornament – Gingerbread
Apple Fall Original Log Art Ornament – Candy Cane

Apple Fall Fleece Stocking – Red, Cream
Apple Fall Fleece Stocking – Cream, Green
Apple Fall Fleece Stocking – Navy, Gold

MYSA – Hanging Cowbells Decor @ FaMESHed
MYSA – Vintage Lantern – Copper

Other items used:
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Golden White
Apple Fall Large Candy Cane – Green
Apple Fall Large Candy Cane – Red
Apple Fall Large Present – Hearts w/ Red Ribbon
Apple Fall Large Present – Mistletoe w/ Cream Ribbon
Apple Fall Large Present – Holly w/ Gold Ribbon
Apple Fall Christmas Soldier – Cream
Apple Fall Christmas Soldier – Red/Blue
Apple Fall Honey Loveseat – Adult
Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light
Apple Fall Antler Candlestick I
Apple Fall Original Artwork – Christmas Mistletoe {two frames used}
Apple Fall Hearts Sleigh
Apple Fall Macaron Christmas Tree
2. AF Christmas Calendar
6. AF Bambi Figurine
Apple Fall Tic-Tac-Toe
Apple Fall Period Fireplace
Apple Fall Happy Santa Figure (Holly)
Apple Fall Brass Candlesticks
Apple Fall Christmas Star – White
tarte. christmas pine wreath (flocked)
Apple Fall Fresh Magnolia Wreath
Apple Fall Ariana Glass Cabinet – Darkest Green
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 12
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 10
{vespertine} – winter bunny wine holder.
MADRAS EverGreen Decor
alme. Decor – Syl Cushion [A]
#comatosed- Linu Plushie (Hold L. Hand Anim.)
9. 22769 – Hohoho-Decor – COMMON
Dahlia – Newport – Vintage – Books – Assorted Colors
DragonLady’s Poinsettia Blue


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Out in the middle of nowhere…


This post is full of pictures.  I took dozens more, though these were the ones I took some time to do minimal editing.   I’m showcasing a new release by DRD, the cabin and previous release by Studio Skye.

Now there is a lot more to this release than just the cabin, though for this picture I am only showing the cabin.  If you visited Nightmare at Elm Creek, you might have seen this cabin.  Harrison Hackett is known as a bit of a hoarder and lives in the back of the woods there.  Visit UBER to see the hoarding that Hackett has acquired over the years.

I have been really enjoying doing more landscapes lately, so was really happy to also show one of the last releases by Studio Skye.  The Rock & Wave Building set.

There are a lot of pieces to this building set, shore rocks and wave formations, offshore pieces included, reefy sand bar, lots of rock components, wave swirls, individual splash pieces and a pack of sandy terrain textures.  I also used items from various different sets to create the idea of a small island in the middle of the ocean — miles of water from every angle.

The beauty of the sets that it really gives you the flexibility to create what you want to fit your space, small or big.

You can visit Studio Skye in-world to see an example of the set as well as various other items.


Enjoy ♥

-DRD- Hackett’s Cabin @ UBER

Studio Skye Rock and Wave Building Set.

Other items shown:
Skye Twisted Tree
Skye Gnarled Cherry
Skye Zen Garden Set
Skye Cliff & Tower Set
Skye Wild Grasses
Skye Rocky Mounds Set
Skye Rocky Shore Set
Nutmeg. Old Wooden Boat v1
Apple Fall Pier Set
TLC Pelican Animated
[VALR] Swamp / Cattails Grass
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]


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Decorating for the holidays….

[North Oak] + Bira Angular Chair (black) / Set @ Equal10
[North Oak] + Decorated Shinto Display Shelf (6 LI)

Ariskea[Lauren] Piano & Music / Set @ FaMESHed
Ariskea[Lauren] Piano Bench
Ariskea[Lauren] Music Sheets
Ariskea[Lauren] Holidays Frames
Ariskea[Lauren] Curve Holly
Ariskea[Lauren] Longer Curve Holly

.spruce. classic christmas pillows {4}
.spruce. christmas traditions pillows {3}

.spruce. enchanted book collection

.spruce. cinematic christmas candles {cotton headed}

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Cathedral Frame – Reclaimed
Apple Fall Cathedral Frame – Charcoal
Apple Fall Monterey Paneling
KraftWork Faux Sliding Door Industrial . Oak Dark
FINCA – hanging pot ivy – olive
Mithral * Plant Shelf Duo (Black)
KAZZA – BytheSeaTreepot – tree
BROKEN ARROWS – Natalie Baskets – Small Basket – Dark @ Equal10
BROKEN ARROWS – Natalie Baskets – Basket Blanket – Dark @ Equal10
Midwest – Coast – Rug I
[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Bicolor (Companion) v2.0.0
[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Puppy Bicolor (Companion) v2.0.0
{vespertine} – trailing succulent.
Fancy Decor: Bernard Boxes
KOPFKINO – Winter Frames – Vertical (white)
[Cb] Wrapping Paper Box