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Homemade chili

dust bunny . chili days . slow cooker @ FaMESHed
dust bunny . chili days . cornbread
dust bunny . chili days . bowl of chili
dust bunny . chili days . prep board

BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Tray (Worn/Marble/Tex) @ FaMESHed

BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Mug Shelf (Worn/Marble/Tex) @ Anthem 

[CIRCA] – “Lunaria” Holiday Fir Wreath – Winter Red (S)

DISORDERLY. / Boarding Winter / Lighted Leaning / Red @ Kustom9

dust bunny . taste of autumn . hazelnuts bowl
dust bunny . taste of autumn . bowl of soup
dust bunny . taste of autumn . soup serving board

Nutmeg. Mulled Wine Candle

{YD} Christmas surprise – Christmas tree (Wite}
{YD} Christmas surprise – Christmas tree (Green},

Trompe Loeil – Jeta Modern Lodge V1.2

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The royal suite

Showcasing more items from DRD Scarlett Hotel —  grab all the details down below as well as the links where you can find the items and the hunt information for a wonderful immersive experience.  The royal poodles are the newest release by Rezz Room — are they not the cutest?  I’m also featuring some decor pieces from KOPFKINO, which can be found at the main store.

Enjoy ♥

The link to the Hunt — CLICK HERE.

Landmark to the Hunt — CLICK HERE.

Landmark to purchase items — CLICK HERE.

Everything DRD — visit their Discord or Flickr.

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Stanley Bed – Brown – PG
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Wall Panel – Queen
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Bed Bench – Brown
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Room bedside table 2
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Room bedside table 1
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Lobby – Luggage
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Suite cabinet wide
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Frame Scarlett hotel 1
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Frame Flowers and grapes
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Ella-Louise sofa – brown
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Ella-Louise chair – red
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Ella-Louise – Coffee table
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Magazines 4
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Office – Trixie’s Boxes
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Curtain – red – wide
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Office – Trixie’s travel bag

[Rezz Room] Royal Poodle Adult Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0 @ Access Event

KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Console Table (materials)
KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Foto Tree (materials)
KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Clutter Bowl (materials)
KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Clock (materials)
KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Tree Rack (materials)

DRD – Series 01 – Floor Lamp – Light

Dutchie row of books 17

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Collection of things.

I have mixed a little bit of everything in this photo and I loved the end result.  Except in my usual sequence of things, I took the photo and felt pretty satisfied and then picked it up.  It’s a habit by now.  Then I started to edit the photo and noticed some blurring on some of the items in the shelves.  I tried to fix, so hopefully its not terribly noticeable.  That will teach me not to pick up the scene until I finish the photo editing.

Everything shown as always is just below.

Enjoy ♥

Trompe Loeil – Jeta Modern Lodge V1.2 @ UBER 

KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Sofa ADULT @ Anthem
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Side Table
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Coffee Table
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Arrangement Dark
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Oval Bowl

Avani East Display Cabinet, Wide @ Anthem
Avani Candle with Catch All Box
Avani Found Tribal Ceremony Accessories on Stands
Avani Open Magazine on Stand
Avani Stacked Stones on Books
Avani Tunisian Clay Beads with Wooden Stool
Avani Aged Found Light Vessel
Avani Display Books, I
Avani Display Books, II
Avani Display Books, III
Avani Display Books, IV

Loft & Aria – Bramble Mirror
Loft & Aria – Bramble Vase
Loft & Aria – Bramble Candle
Loft & Aria – Bramble Catchall
Loft & Aria – Aspen Cannister
Loft & Aria – Aspen Wooden Links
Loft & Aria – Nautilus Shell II
Loft & Aria – Aspen Stone Jars
Loft & Aria – Aspen Stone Jar
Loft & Aria – Aspen Horns
Loft & Aria – Aspen Inlay Box

Pitaya – Clay Women Vases Choco (tree)
Pitaya – Clay Women Vases Honey

Loft & Aria – Aspen Fabric Sculpture
Loft & Aria – Hoyos Artwork
Loft & Aria – Aspen Yarn Hanging
Loft & Aria – Hoyos Lamp

Mithral * Full Hoya Linearis (Pack C)

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8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – Thorwald AUTUMNAL @ Anthem 
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – The Weloak AUTUMNAL
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – The Oaklings AUTUMNAL
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – Sigismund AUTUMNAL
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – Seamless GRASS Example
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – Hilmar AUTUMNAL
8f8 – The Way of The Oaks – The Way – 1P AUTUMNAL
The Way of The Oaks – Oak Master AUTUMNAL

[Rezz Room] Wolf Adult Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0

8f8 – Out of Sight – Grass – Autumn
8f8 – Out of Sight – Ivy Type 1 – AUTUMN
8f8 – Out of Sight – Grass – Late Autumn
8f8 – Out of Sight – Grass – Dry Autumn
8f8 – Out of Sight – Fern DUO – LATE AUTUMN – AB
8f8 – Out of Sight – Fern CLUSTER – AUTUMN – AB

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The sounds and smells of a kitchen…

If you have not made it to the DRD Scarlett Hotel Hunt you should go over and check it out. It’s a fully immersive experience that you don’t want to miss.  Today I am featuring items from the kitchen at Scarlett Hotel that can also be purchased individually and used for your home, sim decoration or your decor pictures.

The link to the Hunt — CLICK HERE.

Landmark to the Hunt — CLICK HERE.

Landmark to purchase items — CLICK HERE.

Want to get everything DRD — visit their Discord or Flickr.

I’m starting to get hungry.

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Stove
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – serving island
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Sink
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Hood
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Utensil shelf
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Stove rack
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Kitchen clutter station 1
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Kitchen clutter station 2
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Bread station
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Work station
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Onions and potatoes
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Pantry closet
DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Kitchen – Walk-in fridge

ReKa. The Harvest / 1 {group gift}
ReKa. The Harvest / 2
ReKa. The Harvest / 3
ReKa. The Harvest / 5
ReKa. The Harvest / 7
ReKa. The Harvest / 6
ReKa. The Harvest / 7

DRD – Neglected Kitchen – Trashcan
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Tea Shelf – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Cupboard – Light

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Beautiful new stone fireplace with tools and firewood to keep you warm through the coming winter months.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace @ Anthem 
Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace Tools
Nutmeg. Stone Fireplace Firewood

Nutmeg. Dreamy Pastels Armchair Adult
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Drapes w/Shadow
Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Rug / 1 Bonus
Nutmeg. Dreamy Pastels Floor Pillows
Nutmeg. Glass Library Branch
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Window Frame Headboard

*LODE* Decor – Lunaria Wreath
*LODE* Decor – Lilac Vase [white]

dust bunny . toy horse

Serenity Style– Unforgettable time Old Horse

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Lets take it outside…

MINIMAL – Paris Terrace -Day- @ Kustom9

KraftWork Cerello Collection . Dining Table
KraftWork Cerello Collection . Dining Chair
KraftWork Cerello Collection . Table Center Add-On

KOPFKINO – Forever Autumn (materials) for 60L Happy Weekend Sale

(Luc.) Pernil Pork Shoulder [decor, BENTO Guest Server] @ Anthem
(Luc.) Carving Knife & Fork [decor]
(Luc.) Plated Pernil with fork [decor]
(Luc.) Plated Pernil [decor]
(Luc.) Cuban Salad [decor]
(Luc.) Bowl of Yellow Rice [decor]

Apple Fall Pumpkins in Urn
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal

:::ChicChica::: Wine glass DECO 1

Soy. Potted Pothos [Lsize]

Bricolage Carnival Pumpkin
Bricolage Warty Pumpkin
Bricolage Rustic Console Cabinet
Bricolage Green Lantern
Bricolage Little Autumn Books

Loft & Aria – Aspen Sectional (PG)
Loft & Aria – Aspen Diamond Cut Table

Pitaya – Tier Curtains – Large Print Beige

Young Birch group Autumn M/T by 3D Trees

elev8~Jasmine Bush B

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Handwritten love letters will never go out of style…



OPALE . Raia Hair [S] @ FaMESHed

Emery Beatriz Cropped Sweater Terra for Meshbody Legacy @ FaMESHed

*COCO*_WideLegAnkleJeans(DarkBlue)_Legacy @ UBER

[Gos] Jodie Chain Ankle Boots – Boutique Collection @ FaMESHed

Gooseberry Mailbox by Tuesday @ FaMESHed

DaD “Oillala Mountain Chalet” {background use today}  @ FaMESHed

-Garden- by anc tall garden grass (allcolor/texchange) 2Li
-Garden- by anc “kitchen garden” greenonion (allcolor) 2Li

HPMD* Garden Tree10 – Autumn A (ground shape1)