Bohemian kitchen

KraftWork Mini Boho Kitchen . Right {tinted cabinets} @ Anthem Event

KraftWork Single Door Refrigerator @ FaMESHed

KraftWork Farm Kitchen Island Table . Oak Vein Light {modded}
KraftWork Farm Kitchen Sink Basin . Silver

KraftWork Air Fryer

KraftWork Farm Kitchen Clutter . Cutting Boards
KraftWork Farm Kitchen Clutter . Cake Pan Copper
KraftWork Farm Kitchen Clutter . Aluminium Pots
KraftWork Farm Kitchen Clutter . Milk Jar

KraftWork Iron Pans . Frying Pan Full
KraftWork Iron Pans . Tall Covered Casserole
KraftWork Iron Pans . Frying Pan Closed
KraftWork Iron Pans . Short Half Opened Casserole
KraftWork Modular Cooktop . Grill (Bright)
KraftWork Modular Cooktop . Gas Double (Bright)

Tuesdays Spring Clock {part of frame tinted blue} @ FaMESHed

BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Rod (Dark Wood) V.2 @ FaMESHed

..::THOR::.. Raw Baskets

ReKa. The Harvest / 1 {group gift}
ReKa. The Harvest / 5
ReKa. The Harvest / 6
ReKa. The Harvest / 7

dust bunny . kitchen clutter . potted herbs . basil
dust bunny . tiered hanging baskets . brown

Pitaya – Farm Table Mood – Cellar Bottle Opaque 1
Pitaya – Farm Table Mood – Cellar Bottle 3
Pitaya – La cuisine – Plant
Pitaya – La cuisine – Cutting boards
Pitaya – La cuisine – Spice container

KraftWork Rolling Pins . Clutter Natural
KraftWork Rolling Pins . Basket Natural
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Quinoa
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Paprika
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Oatmeal
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Gold)
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Can Food Pile 1 (Gold)
KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Coffee


Sweet as honey

Ariskea[Hedman] Apple tree Branches
Ariskea[Hedman] Iron Chair
Ariskea[Hedman] Iron Marble Table

Ariskea[Eve] Jacynthe Flowers [Violet] @ Bloom Event
Ariskea[Eve] Jacynthe Flowers [Blue]
Ariskea[Eve] BeeHive

BALACLAVA!! Kuma Honey Jar @ Bloom Event

{anc} little bird / bird (twig) 2Li white @ Bloom Event

DISORDERLY. / Cherry Spring / Tea / White @ Bloom Event
DISORDERLY. / Cherry Spring / Macarons / White

BROKEN ARROWS – Bloom – Teapot (White) @ Bloom Event
BROKEN ARROWS – Bloom – Pile (White)
BROKEN ARROWS – Bloom – Hat (Rose)

Ariskea[Delivery] Bicycle Decor[Yellow]
Ariskea[Delivery] Flowers Bouquet [5]
Ariskea[Delivery] Bicycle Decor[Mint]

Ariskea[Valley] Basket Flowers & Goods[Rosy]

Mesh Wild Flower Pine Forest Cover by Felix Landscaping

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A place for everything and everything in its place.

I like a well organized kitchen and love buying all those handy gadgets to make life easier while cooking, even if I don’t cook much these days.  Though if you like that lived in feel whether organized or not, then you are going to like this new kitchen clutter set.  It’s got canned food, spice jars, baskets and boxes of food to give your kitchen that look of reality.

Details of everything shown is below and happy weekend ♥

KraftWork Fall Dinnerware Blue Place Setting
KraftWork Fall Dinnerware Set of Glasses
KraftWork Fall Dinnerware Corduroy Pumpkin Center Piece Ceramic

KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Closed Basket Rose @ UBER
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Paper Towel Basket (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Coffee
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Rice
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Oatmeal
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Wheat
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Quinoa
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Dark)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Light)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Mint
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Thyme
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Mint
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Dill
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Paprika
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Spaghetti
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Can Food Pile 2 (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Can Food Pile 1 (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Can Food
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Glasses (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Bowls (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Plate Pile
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Books Basket (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Coffee Mugs (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Soup Plates (Gold)
KraftWork Kitchen Clutter . Dinner Plates (Gold)

BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Shelf (Worn/Marble/Text) @ FaMESHed

hive // cozy kitchen set

hive // minimalist hanging clock
hive // hanging apron . pink floral
hive // weathered metal pumpkin candle A
hive // cutting boards
hive // apple basket
hive // weathered metal pumpkin candle B
hive // jar of cinnamon
hive // wall pot rack . gold
hive // basket of pears
hive // tobacco basket . single
hive // magnolia plant
hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . light


Ariskea[Lola] Cute Plant Phylodendron

Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Apple Fall Blossom Wreath {tinted}

:CP: Essentials Straight Curtain Stone

{what next} Harvest Wall Decor
{what next} Harvest Wheat Vase

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Rise and shine

K&S – // Comfortable air mattress PG @ The Mens Department

05 MADRAS Mango Delight Juice Bottle @ The Arcade
08 MADRAS Mango Delight Jar @ The Arcade
09 MADRAS Mango Delight Fresh Mango Set @ The Arcade
11 MADRAS Trojan Green @ The Arcade
12 MADRAS Trojan Blue @ The Arcade

MADRAS Steak Bites and Zoodles Decor  @ The Food Court 
MADRAS Wooden Slice Serve Board @ The Food Court 

BROKEN ARROWS – Fox Mug – Coffee (Right)  @ Anthem
BROKEN ARROWS – Cat Mug – Coffee Three Cats (Left) @ Anthem

Trompe Loeil – Bellamy Cottage
Trompe Loeil – Bellamy Woodstove

.peaches. Stirling Console – Basket Blue Blank
.peaches. Stirling Console – Console Clutter (black)

West Village Stacked Art
West Village Industry Office Desk – Black
West Village Mona Office Chair – Painted Grey
West Village iFall Pro 2019 – Black
West Village Fiddle Leaf Fig

BALACLAVA!! Kaden Room Divider (neutrals)

Ariskea [ELLE] Rattan Basket Candle
Ariskea [ELLE] Bamboo Basket Plant

FD & Commoner: Indio Coffee Table

Concept} 03. IBIZA. Carpets

hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . white

.:YN:. Magazine
.:YN:. Diary 02 – Black
.:YN:. Vase Flowers
.:YN:. Diary 01 – Black
.:YN:. Luminary – Black