One of the many reasons that people are drawn to Second Life is the ability to harness your creativity.  Everyone has some creative gene.  The trick is knowing how to bring it out.  For some it’s fashion, others its writing, photography, decorating, role-playing, or in this case also using your skills to put together beautiful sims.

ChatuChak has been open to the public for a few weeks now.  In my own humble opinion, I think it’s a gorgeous sim that has many beautiful spots, some quite photogenic.  I might be a little bias as I know the owners.

Though seriously the ability to do something of this magnitude is not easy.  Both are extremely talented and their love of doing this just for fun and offer it to the residents of Second Life is really an act of kindness.

The theme is capturing some of the essence of Thailand.  I hope you pay a visit and enjoy the ambiance.  I took pictures from a certain angle as I like to see things from a different perspective when I’m doing photography rather than showcasing home and garden decor.  I also used my own windlights rather than used the region one.  Make sure you turn on sounds.

I love the amount of detail that goes into their projects.  Pay a visit before it’s gone.  They move pretty quickly on to the next project, so these glimpse of another world are just that.

Check out both Fred and Lotus work on Flickr — they are super talented in many ways.  ♥

Taxi to Chatuchak