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Cozy winter

More Christmas decor to warm yours spirts and get you in the holiday mood.  Please take a look below for everything that I am showing, though featuring new releases from DRD, FINCA and Curated Event.

Enjoy ♥

DRD – Wizarding Winter – Fireplace @ Winter Wizarding Faire 
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Fireplace tools
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Armchair – Dark brown
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Suitcase decor
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Stocking/Gryffindor
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Stocking/Ravenclaw
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Stocking/Hufflepuff
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Stocking/Slytherin
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Armchair – Brown
DRD – Wizarding Winter – Armchair – Red

FINCA – Door wreath GG – home black {Group Gift}

FINCA – Snowy garland SET @ Cosmo Event

DRD – Sinterklaas – Bijzet tafeltje
DRD – Sinterklaas – Snoep Plank
DRD – Sinterklaas – Letters
DRD – Sinterklaas – VIntage Kaders
DRD – Sinterklaas – Vazen
DRD – Sinterklaas – Schoentje
DRD – Sinterklaas – Deco Blok A
DRD – Sinterklaas – Deco Blok B

sass [hd] nightowl acrylic painting for Curated Event

Other items used:
DRD – Cozy Winter – Rug red
DRD – Cozy Winter – Rug blue
FINCA – Green Spiral garland S lighted
FINCA – green elf sitting
FINCA – red elf standing
FINCA – blue elf sitting
FINCA – Small log wall
FINCA – Natural wreath – green
FINCA – Cherry hanging bells – for wreath
Shelby – Holiday Cascade Garland – Red/Gold {modded}
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Glass Cloche (tex. change)
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Christmas – Tree Basket – Light
tarte. holiday tree
Second Spaces – Holiday Prep – bag of gifts
Second Spaces – Holiday Prep – wrapping
KAZZA – NuitdeNoel – christmas tree
KAZZA – NuitdeNoel – christmas gift
KAZZA – NuitdeNoel – sidetable
KAZZA – NuitdeNoel – christmas stars
1.YOKAI – My cute snowman GACHA -Tiger RARE @ The Arcade
Pitaya – Farm Curtains 04 (two faces)
Scarlet Creative Anya House 1

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Out in the middle of nowhere…


This post is full of pictures.  I took dozens more, though these were the ones I took some time to do minimal editing.   I’m showcasing a new release by DRD, the cabin and previous release by Studio Skye.

Now there is a lot more to this release than just the cabin, though for this picture I am only showing the cabin.  If you visited Nightmare at Elm Creek, you might have seen this cabin.  Harrison Hackett is known as a bit of a hoarder and lives in the back of the woods there.  Visit UBER to see the hoarding that Hackett has acquired over the years.

I have been really enjoying doing more landscapes lately, so was really happy to also show one of the last releases by Studio Skye.  The Rock & Wave Building set.

There are a lot of pieces to this building set, shore rocks and wave formations, offshore pieces included, reefy sand bar, lots of rock components, wave swirls, individual splash pieces and a pack of sandy terrain textures.  I also used items from various different sets to create the idea of a small island in the middle of the ocean — miles of water from every angle.

The beauty of the sets that it really gives you the flexibility to create what you want to fit your space, small or big.

You can visit Studio Skye in-world to see an example of the set as well as various other items.


Enjoy ♥

-DRD- Hackett’s Cabin @ UBER

Studio Skye Rock and Wave Building Set.

Other items shown:
Skye Twisted Tree
Skye Gnarled Cherry
Skye Zen Garden Set
Skye Cliff & Tower Set
Skye Wild Grasses
Skye Rocky Mounds Set
Skye Rocky Shore Set
Nutmeg. Old Wooden Boat v1
Apple Fall Pier Set
TLC Pelican Animated
[VALR] Swamp / Cattails Grass
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]


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A Nightmare at Elm Creek

Each year around this time DRD comes out with a lot of releases, including a massive one accompanied by a hunt.   A Nightmare on Elm Creek takes you back to 1989, where you can help solve the gruesome murder mysteries that took place there.

Enjoy the immersive game/hunt and win prizes while there.

There is a lot to see.. and some of it is not for the faint hearted.

Visit DRD website for a lot more information and how to start: DRD

Good luck on solving the cases!

The whole set is 40% off for a limited time at the main store.

Fine DRD at the following:

DRD In-World


DRD Flickr


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Smile you’re on camera…

DRD – Lake Dock – Dock @ TLC Event 
DRD – Lake Dock – Canoe – Blue
DRD – Lake Dock – Canoe – Natural w/oars
DRD – Lake Dock – Canoe – Green
DRD – Lake Dock – Lamp
DRD – Lake Dock – Locker
DRD – Lake Dock – Shelf

Other items used:
DRD – Beer Stand – Crate Stack
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Bouy Bunch – Two
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Bouy Bunch – One
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Life Ring
DRD – Beer Stand – Tall Table
DRD – Beer Stand – Stool
DRD – Beer Stand – Crate Pile
7 – Smile You’re On Camera Sign
7 – CCTV Camera
7 – Ice Machine
7 – Cigarette Machine
7 – Missing Payphone
K&S – Pool table. Dark Wood PG
KAZZA – BytheSeaTreepot – tree
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
3D Trees – Tropical Mangrove Tree-young4 1
Mangrove 3 prims M/T (3D TREES)
Mangrove group (3D TREES) M/T
Mangrove 5 prims M/T (3D TREES)
3D Trees – Marsh plant 02 C/M
3D-Trees – Secluded mangrove Bay

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Trick or Treat

Last days have been super busy and I will be the first to admit that sometimes it’s just so easy to post with credits and not write anything.  That gets boring at times for me.  I try to write something brief.  So, lets talk about what I’m showing.  It’s all pretty much items by Death Row Designs, otherwise known as DRD, who has been releasing quite a few things lately.  This is their season.  I’m sure there are a few more things coming from this creator, so be on the look out.  In fact, it’s almost a guarantee they have a big release coming out soon.

For now it’s two recent releases that are available at the events listed below in credits.  The pumpkin mess is all about carving the pumpkin, and I totally agree that it can be quite messy.  I’ve carved a few.  Well truly, I usually make a mess anytime I’m in the kitchen.  The cabinet is available in different woods, and then there is a chair with all the pumpkins.  The other release was the Halloween porch decor, which I’ve brought indoors.  There are a lot more pumpkins with this set, as I only used a few that came with the complete set.  What I liked about these pumpkins is the different shapes and the not so clean look of the pumpkins as it made for a much more realistic look.

Enjoy ♥

DRD – Pumpkin Mess – Monster Mashed @ Satan Inc Event
DRD – Pumpkin Mess – Chair with pumpkins – Light

DRD – Halloween Porch Decor @ Alpha Event
DRD – Hpd – Pumpkin spectacle
DRD – Hpd – Derp pumpkin
DRD – Hpd – Pumpkin tree
DRD – Hpd – Treat board
DRD – Hpd – Trick board
DRD – Hpd – Sadpanda pumpkin

Other items used:
DRD – RK – Rustic Kitchen – Cabinet – Corner
DRD – RK – Rustic Kitchen – Hutch
DRD – RK – Rustic Kitchen – Sink – PG
DRD – RK – Rustic Kitchen – Cabinet – Single Drawer
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Cupboard – Light
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Sink Dishes
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Linen Stack / 1
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Kettle
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Plate Stack
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Towel / 1
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Frame / 1
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Rug / 2
Nutmeg. Ornate Corridor Clock / 1
Apple Fall Neva’s Antique Scales
{vespertine} – trailing succulent.
Pitaya – Tier Curtains – Medium PRINT BEIGE
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Green 05
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Orange 04
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Green 01
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – White 02
Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket
Apple Fall Neva’s Kitchen Shelf RARE


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Live. Love. Laugh.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween and each year it gets worse, so I’ve been avoiding the dark side of things.  I can handle some of the cute stuff, like the lil sheet (ghost standing on cabinet) decor.  The size is meant to be bigger as it stands on the ground, but works well even as shown. Available at this round of FaMESHed. The wall decor, bench, coatrack and rug by the door are a previous release by DRD, which is a cute set to use anytime of the year. It can be found at the mainstore.

The other item that I am featuring is the wreath by DaD-virtual living- which is just gorgeous for this time of year.  It was a weekend sale item a week or so ago, and can be found at the mainstore.  While I don’t blog for vespertine, I’m a big fan of her work and love these new fall plants she released at FaMESHed.

Enjoy ♥

DRD – My Hallway decor – Walldecor (linked)
DRD – My Hallway decor – Bench
DRD – My Hallway decor – Coatrack
DRD – My Hallway decor – rug

[Bad Unicorn] Lil Sheet @ FaMESHed

DaD “Fall Wreath with Pumpkins”

Other items used:
{vespertine} – rowan berries. – green. @ FaMESHed
..::THOR::.. Tubs & Pumpkins
..::THOR::.. Stacked Canvas (wall)
..::THOR::.. Vintage hat Box
..::THOR::.. Potted Pumpkin
..::THOR::.. Cute Plant
..::THOR::.. Shutters Cabinet
..::THOR::.. Wellies Burgundy – Gift
..::THOR::.. Ficus
7. Apple Fall Patchwork Rug
Apple Fall Stacked Books
[Rezz Room] Jack Russell Adult Animesh (Companion)
Pitaya – Farm Sofa (pg)
Nutmeg. Stored Antiquities Curtain
BROKEN ARROWS – Pumpkin Farm – Colorful Pumpkin Basket
{what next} Copper Fall Sign
Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook 2.0

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Sangria bar

DRD – Sangria Bar – Bar / Set @ The Fifty 
DRD – Sangria Bar – Bar stool – Amarillo
DRD – Sangria Bar – Bar stool – Rosado
DRD – Sangria Bar – Bar stool – verde
DRD – Sangria Bar – Bar stool – Rojo

HISA – Rustic Wooden Deck

Other items used:
DRD – Irish Pub – Barrel Table – B
DRD – The Sugar Shack – Shack Large
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Netted Lamp
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Bouy Bunch – Two
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Bouy Bunch – One
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Paddles
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Life Ring
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Chum Buckets
[Rezz Room] Cat Maine Coon Baby Animesh (Companion)
KAZZA – BytheSeaTreepot – tree

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One last load

dust bunny & consignment . road trip scooter . yellow . pg

DRD – Rustic Laundry – Washer/Dryer – static @ FLF Birthday Bash
DRD – Rustic Laundry – Basket (LOD 4)
DRD – Rustic Laundry – Towels
DRD – Rustic Laundry – detergent
DRD – Rustic Laundry – Shelf
Recycled Garden Nook
DRD – Rustic Laundry – Spotlight
DRD – Rustic Laundry – Plant
Boho Loft Chair
Boho Loft Side Table
DRD – Rustic Refurbished shelf

HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Blue
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – White
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Lilac
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Dark Pink
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Red
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Light Pink
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Burgundy
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Yellow
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Aqua
HISA – Floral Bouquet Grass – Bubblegum

HISA – Floral Bouquet Vines – F – Aqua
HISA – Floral Bouquet Vines – G – Aqua

Heart – Wild Sitka Pines @ FaMESHed

OW Wood planks pathway v2 /L2
{YD} Almeria House – House Dirt