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Serenity Set

It is good to be sleeping back in my bed after a couple of weeks of travel. Also nice to be using my desktop again, as I am never comfortable with using a laptop for doing anything in-world.  This picture is showcasing a couple of new releases by Dust Bunny and a new release from Rezz Room.

Hope you enjoy ♥

dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . end left . pg  / Set @ Equal10
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . straight . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . end right . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . with blanket . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . pouf
dust bunny & con . serenity . olive tree
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style b
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style c
dust bunny & con . serenity . collector’s shelves . style a
dust bunny & con . serenity . potted branches
dust bunny & con . serenity . blanket basket
dust bunny & con . serenity . armchair . natural . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . blanket ladder
dust bunny & con . serenity . modular fireplace . piece a
dust bunny & con . serenity . ceiling light
dust bunny & con . serenity . carved wall art
dust bunny & con . serenity . sofa . ottoman . pg
dust bunny & con . serenity . console table
dust bunny & con . serenity . pampas vase
dust bunny & con . serenity . woven rug

[Rezz Room] Schnauzer Giant Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

dust bunny . sienna hallway . coat rack / Set @ Kust0m9
dust bunny . sienna hallway . wall organizer

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 15
Apple Fall Female Bust w/ Cloth – Terracotta
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 13
Apple Fall Shoeboxes
22769 – Wooden Bowls – COMMON
Mithral * Hoya Sigillatis Duo Fat Pack
Hangry – Cutie Planters – Kitty {rez}

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Cooling down

Having lived in Florida for a good part of my life I am no stranger to alligators and crocodiles.  Often times when I drove through a back country state road that had canals on each side for miles I would see dozens of alligators — some sitting in the murky water or under trees that were near.  Just like in my picture.

These dangerous beauties are now at the main store for purchase.


[Rezz Room] Crocodile Adult Animesh (Companion)
[Rezz Room] Crocodile Baby Animesh (Companion)

DaD “Weeping Willow Adult” w wind AM c/m
(Fundati) Cliff #1
[VALR] Swamp / Cattails Grass
Rippling Water by Studio Skye

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Sunday morning

Apple Fall Wrought Iron Table & Chair – Cream / for the Saturday Sale
dust bunny & con . cafe bike . white
dust bunny & con . blossom statue . white . flowers type a @ Kustom9
dust bunny . picking daisies bag . dark brown . left hand v2
[Rezz Room] King Charles Spaniel Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Cranberry Muffins
AF Open Book
Fancy Fall Stiffkey Bird of Paradise Plant
Apple Fall Shield Terracotta Pot
Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated)
hive // cold brew coffee to go . decor
MINIMAL – StorefrontBuilding -6- Salon

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Space for all things creative

Apple Fall released some cute decorative items that inspired me to do a photo.   It’s a combination of his recent three releases along with some fantastic older items.  Here is my little corner in the home for doing all things creative.  Showing also the adorable Pomeranian by Rezz Room that can be found at the main store.

Enjoy ♥

Apple Fall Blossom Decorating Corner Set @ Kustom9
– Apple Fall Blossom Floral Branch
– Apple Fall Blossom Hanging Apron
– Apple Fall Blossom Wallpaper Mural
– Apple Fall Blossom Wallpaper Table

Apple Fall Blossom Decorating Corner Volume II Set for Saturday Sale
– Apple Fall Blossom Crate & Paint Supplies
– Apple Fall Blossom Moldings
– Apple Fall Blossom Paint Tin & Books
– Apple Fall Blossom Painters’ Ladder

Apple Fall Notebook & Book Accessory Set
– Apple Fall Notebook & Book Accessory, Decor

[Rezz Room] Pomeranian Long hair Animesh (Companion)

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Painters’ Chair
Apple Fall Easel w/ Drawing Mount
Apple Fall Artist Supply Cart
AF Canvas Rack (Painted)
Apple Fall Tobacco Basket
AF New Arrival Painting
Apple Fall Large Terracotta Urn
AF Interior Plant
Apple Fall Pinned Papers & Art
Apple Fall Jute Rug – Diamonds
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Lemon Oil
Apple Fall Hudson Framed Oil Painting
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Pear Oil
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ladybird Sketch
Apple Fall Pampas Grass
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 11
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Bluebird Postcard
Apple Fall Carved Bear – White
Apple Fall Leaning Art Clutter
Apple Fall Stacked Magazines
Apple Fall Female Bust w/ Cloth – White Porcelain
18. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Sketches
11. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Canvas Stack
6. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Undone Canvas / 1
7. Nutmeg. Painter’s Attic Undone Canvas / 2
KraftWork Projecto Wall Photos
llorisen // keating blinds.light wood
reBourne Camden {home used}

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Spring days

I’ve been in a picture mood the last days. While most of the ones I have taken are of my avatar it did occur to me that I should do another home decor feature.  I have been fortunate to have been kept on as a friend for some creators who share their products with me or kept on the team for when I do decide to do the occasional picture.   My gratitude to them and as often as I am able my plan is to take photos to show their products.

Lots of pictures today to show the chicks, trees, table set and monkey.  Myself too.  In the moment being a blonde.  Since organizing my inventory some {ways to go} it is definitely much easier to find items for my avatar.  I entertain myself playing dress up as I go through items and decide to keep or delete.  Keeping column is winning. I have issues with letting go.  I’m working on it.

Spring weather always calls for spending time outdoors so I created this little backyard scene for doing just that.  Though I don’t do well out in the sun too long, so I am loving these new weeping willow trees by DaD-virtual living- which provide enough shade to make it just perfect.  THOR made this neat iron table set with blooming teapot and then a tea set as well.  Lovely lovely items to have in and outdoors.

I like these adorable little chicks that just hatched.  Cute right?  The monkeys are getting a giggle or at least one is.  The other is saying why me.  Our Second Life wouldn’t be complete without pets.

Now that I’ve hung the clothes out to dry I will sit a spell.

Items can be found below.

Enjoy ♥

DaD “Weeping Willow Adult” w wind AB c/m @ Equal10
DaD “Weeping Willow Sapling 01” w wind AM c/m

..::THOR::.. Primavera Iron Table @ Kustom9
..::THOR::.. Primavera Garden Chair – Adult
..::THOR::.. Garden Paving – bonus
..::THOR::.. Blooming Teapot

..::THOR::.. Meadow Tray Tea Set @ Access
..::THOR::.. Herbal Tea Box

[Rezz Room] Capuchin Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

[Rezz Room] Chick Animesh (Companion) @ FaMESHed

..::THOR::.. Spring Decorative Window
..::THOR::.. Spring Plant
..::THOR::.. Spring Watering Can
Apple Fall Old Manufactory
Apple Fall Stone Artichoke
Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket
Apple Fall Trough Metal Sink
Apple Fall Potting Shelf
West Village Field Wellingtons – Katya’s Green
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Clothesline
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Armchair w/books Adult
Nutmeg. Springtide Book Stack / 1 Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Clutter
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Watering Can
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Broken Chair / 1 Adult
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Old Bike_Bonus Item
29 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Laundry Basket

:Fanatik Architecture: GRASS
Heart – Wild Flowers – Garlic Mustard – Yellow
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves – White

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Happy Easter

May your day be filled with joy, renewal and hope.  ♥

I am featuring items by Dust Bunny and [Rezz Room].  You have to love all the cuteness here and as always everything shown is just below.



dust bunny . throwback sofa . green . pg
dust bunny . throwback sofa . white . pg

dust bunny . retro planters . tv terrarium
dust bunny . retro planters . speaker palm . black
dust bunny . retro planters . disco ball . pink
dust bunny . retro planters . daisy skates . pink
dust bunny . retro planters . disco ball . silver
dust bunny . retro planters . smiley fern . yellow
dust bunny . retro planters . daisy skates . sage

dust bunny . wildflower garland . curtain . multicolor @ Kustom9
dust bunny . wildflower garland . straight . multicolor

dust bunny . boozy rabbits board for Saturday Sale

[Rezz Room] Cat Munchkin Animesh (Companion)

Other items used:

dust bunny . elephant ear plant
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted sago palm
dust bunny . quirky planters 3 . rainbow planter
dust bunny . leafy rugs . fringe leaf . green
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Fur Rug {tinted}
dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . lady vase
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Blanket Basket
dust bunny . giant palm plant
dust bunny . spotted begonia
dust bunny . potted palm
dust bunny . blooming dining . table . natural {modded smaller}
dust bunny . bunbuns sandwich cookies . vanilla
dust bunny . quirky planters . donut
dust bunny . hinged vase flowers . line . gold
dust bunny . quirky planters . llama
dust bunny . kitty slippers . grey .

BIGBULLY Hatched Egg Decor
KitCat – Easter Basket Eggs @ Sim Easter Egg Hunt
FOXCITY. Decor – Honey Bunny Neon @ Sim Easter Egg Hunt

Ariskea.Tulips . Ceramic Bunny
{YD}Santa Monica House {tinted and changed walls/floors}
{wn} Spring Daisy Cake
floorplan. blooming art / landscape
floorplan. blooming art / square
floorplan. blooming art / arched
floorplan. blooming art / round
Granola. Darra Monstera Planter Plum.
Granola. Darra Succulent Planter Black.

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Winter memories

This lovely set is by Nutmeg and just perfect for winter decor.  The branch bundle is a gift, the tray is not attached, so great for indoor or outdoor use.

Enjoy ♥

Nutmeg. Winter Vacation Bench w/Ski Adult / Set @ Access 
Nutmeg. Branch Bundle Gift
Nutmeg. Winter Vacation Tray w/Steam

[Rezz Room] Ferret Animesh (Companion) @ Kustom9

Other items shown:
Nutmeg. Country House Skates
DOUX – Winter Hairstyle @ Equal10
DEAD DOLL – Woe Sweater – Fatpack (Legacy) @ Equal10
Blueberry – Poppy – Leggings – Legacy
.miss chelsea. Elsa Boots Legacy Colour Pack 1

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Settling in after a wonderful Christmas…

TETRA – Off-shoulder cardigan – Legacy @ Mainstore
TETRA – Warm Socks – Legacy –
TETRA – Purity Top – Legacy

Hair: DOUX – Winter Hairstyle @ Equal10

Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.4)
Mesh Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0


8f8 – White Xmas – Blue Princess @ Mainstore 
8f8 – White Xmas – ‘No animals were hurt’ Trophy
8f8 – White Xmas – Nigel’s Broom Broom
8f8 – White Xmas – Bella’s Vrooom Dropped
8f8 – White Xmas – LOVE

FINCA – Gregory Couch Brown Leather @ The Mens Department 

FINCA – Holliday interior log stove

KraftWork Holiday Hat Boxes . Gold Happy Holidays @ FaMESHed

KraftWork Christmas Rugs . Christmas Round Fringe @ Mainstore

Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2022 Rustic Town Display @ Mainstore
Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2022 Brass Bell Hanger
Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2022 Hammered Wreath

.spruce. little wooden bears {mama} @ Mainstore
.spruce. little wooden bears {baby}

Other items shown:
03_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Red & White Essentials
12_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Play Essentials
09_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Knitting Essentials
[Rezz Room] Poodle Toy Adult Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0
KraftWork Antique Sideboard
.spruce. sweater weather pillows {5}
Scarlet Creative Eve Aspen Chalet
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Christmas – Tree Basket – Light

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Winter at Cedar Haven

Hisa has released a new home called the Cedar Haven.  It’s a beautiful charming rustic cabin with a wide front porch.  Check out the full look of this home on Hisa’s flickr.  It makes for a perfect winter retreat to get away from all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  Available in a non-winter version as well. Find it Santa, Inc. where if you spend over a certain amount you can get the nice or naughty version of gifts or if you spend double the amount, then you can have both packs. Hisa made the Christmas sled for the nice version.  The rocking chair is by Kraftwork and available at the current round of Anthem.  It’s got 4 color options for wood, pillow and blanket options.  Grab a hot cocoa and have a seat and it be the perfect way to end the day.

Peaches recently released the Christmas sled at Fifty Linden Friday, which is great for the holiday decorating.  Lastly, the reindeer is an older release from [Rezz Room], but these reindeers are just what we need to keep our spirits bright.

Enjoy ♥

-Hisa- Cedar Haven LOD 4 – WINTER @ Santa Inc
-Hisa- Christmas Sled {part of the nice gift at event}

KraftWork Granny Rocking Chair @ Anthem Event

[Rezz Room] Reindeer Adult Animesh (Companion) v1.0.0
[Rezz Room] Reindeer Baby Animesh (Companion) v1.0.0

.peaches. Siya Christmas Sled

Other items shown:
FINCA – Door wreath GG – home white
FINCA – Snowy Spiral Garland L lighted
FINCA – Snowy Wreath even garland lighted
FINCA – Garland ribbon red/gold
Fundati Coleogyne Bushes
(Fundati) Greek Firs
tarte. lighted birch trees

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Place to rest

Showing lots of newness today, starting with the winter library shelf by Thor.  Comes in three colors of dark, ecru and wood and the back panel has nine choices to select from.  As a bonus you get the shelf in the back with the same colors.  I made mine a little smaller to be proportioned to the picture above.  The photo ledge is by Tuesdays and it’s at the current round of FaMESHed.  I used the VIP version, though the pack available allows you to use your own photos and come in two frame for a single pack or four frames for the fatpack.  The cowbells near the fireplace and vintage lantern on the back shelf I have shown previously, but at FaMESHed as well.

The fireplace is from Kopfkino and its currently at Access Event that opens today.  It’s a one piece, but it’s very customizable by HUD, which allows you to change the texture of just about everything.  I kept the original as I liked it well enough, but check it out because it really has a lot of options.  Spruce had runners at Happy Weekend sales about a week ago, so always great for the floor space and keeping our virtual feet warm.  That cute chimpanzee is from Rezz Room and at UBER.  He’s in spirit of Christmas, and as always you get static animations.  How can you resist all that adorable cuteness?  Lastly, I am also showing two pieces of art in this current round of Curated Event.  The mountain scene just above the library shelf and then smaller art framed inside the shelf.

Hope you enjoy ♥

..::THOR::.. Winter Library – fatpack @ Anthem Event
..::THOR::.. Winter Shelf – bonus

[Rezz Room] Chimpanzee Christmas Baby Animesh (Companion) @ UBER

KOPFKINO – Cozy Xmas Fireplace @ Access Event

Tuesdays Photo Ledge – VIP @ FaMESHed

.spruce. cottage christmas runner rugs {2} @ Mainstore
.spruce. cottage christmas runner rugs {4}

MYSA Hanging Cowbells Decor @ FaMESHed
MYSA – Vintage Lantern – Copper

Moon Bathing by Katharine Littlepaws for Curated Event

Anbay – Peaking Forest – Brown Frame for Curated Event 

Other items shown:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and 13
..::THOR::.. Tassel Rug
CHEZ MOI Belem Armchairs @ Cosmo
{wn} Bauble Tower
[Con.] Winter Loft Ladder @ Anthem
Noveny – Deer Head – Wood {modded}
Elm. Iliana Wreath [Green] @ FaMESHed
Marke. Industria Fireplace Tools Gold
Shelby – Rustic Holiday Shelf (w/resizer)
Sway’s [Wintertime] flowerpot with plant . Santa B
~BAZAR~Ivy Books
Scarlet Creative Barton Barn
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Tri Colored)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Dark)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (Light)
BTW – Winter Wooden Tree (White)