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Spring in full bloom


DaD “Beachwalk Cottage” c/m v.1.0 1 @ FaMESHed 

(Fundati) Conifer I -YELLOW- @ FaMESHed 
(Fundati) Conifer I -BLUE-
(Fundati) Conifer V -PINK-
(Fundati) Conifer III -PURPLE-
(Fundati) Conifer V -BLUE-
(Fundati) Conifer II -YELLOW-

DaD “Painted wicker Loveaseat” ADULT v.1.0 c/m @ UBER
DaD “Painted Wicker Coffee Table” c/m v.1.0

Nutmeg. Metal Bench PG
Nutmeg. Metal Chair
Nutmeg. Classic Bedroom Rug Decor


Serenity Style- Sabrina Spring Fountain 1 @ SL Home Decor Weekend
Serenity Style- Elisabeth spring bicycle [decor]


HPMD* Shrub03 – a

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Coffee hour

Today I don’t have much time to say much, though take a look below for everything being shown.  FaMESHed starts tomorrow, so I’m wearing fashion and hair that can be found at the event and also showing items from ..::THOR::.., Amitie and Hive.

Enjoy ♥

Hair: MINA Hair – Adeline + @ FaMESHed

neve top – invested Legacy @ FaMESHed
neve pant – insider Legacy

hive // study buddy pack w/pencil bag . hold R

Mesh Head: Avalon Lelutka
Mesh Body: Legacy
Skin: [theSkinnery] Sana

..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour Cabinet – Vintage White / Set @ UBER
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Tiered Tray
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Old Tin Boxes
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Coffee Grinder
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Coffee Machine – Cream
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Utility Shelf – BONUS
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Ceramic Jars
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Utility Crate
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Bunny Planter
..::THOR::.. Coffee Hour – Coffee Beans Tray – BONUS

Amitie Straw Hat / Set @ UBER
Amitie Tulipans Bouquet

Other items Used:
..::THOR::.. Vintage Breadbox
..::THOR::.. Vintage Pitcher – Enamel
..::THOR::.. Vintage Kitchen Scale – Yellow
..::THOR::.. Wood Kitchen Utensils
..::THOR::.. Metal Vintage Chair Orange 6R Gift
..::THOR::.. Country Chair – PG/Cuddles/Adult
..::THOR::.. Drop-Leaf Table
..::THOR::.. Morning News
..::THOR::.. Board & Dishes
..::THOR::.. Nectarines
..::THOR::.. Tin Molds
..::THOR::.. Coffee Time Poster – Bonus
..::THOR::.. Ground Tray – bonus
..::THOR::.. The Perfect Breakfast RARE
..::THOR::.. Everyday Mug – Blush (wear)
..::THOR::.. Jug of Orange juice
..::THOR::.. Garlic
..::THOR::.. Round Rug – Embroidery
..::THOR::.. Decorative Basket
..::THOR::.. Potted Cactus Tangerine
..::THOR::.. Hallway Bench – ADULT
..::THOR::.. Folk Pillow A
..::THOR::.. Folk Pillow B
..::THOR::.. Skull
..::THOR::.. Wellies black
..::THOR::.. Licking Red Cat
..::THOR::.. Rustic Hanger
..::THOR::.. Scandinavian Bench
..::THOR::.. Home Table
..::THOR::.. Crossback Chair
..::THOR::.. Morning Routine SPECIAL

Nutmeg. Sunroom Lemon Tree
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Rug / 2
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Rug / 1

hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot b

7 – Free Wifi

1 Prim Mesh Tree 10x7x7 by Felix Landscaping {background}

Scarlet Creative Juniper Barn Larger Size 0.2

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Embrace the calmness…

When they are doing maintenance and my land is not available, I usually teleport over to my linden home that pretty much goes unused otherwise.  This last time I took advantage being there to use the home for the creation of this scene and picture.  Most of the items are from Ariskea, featuring new and old releases.

Enjoy ♥

Ariskea[Adoro] Accent Chair
Ariskea[Adoro] Stephania Erecta Plant –
Ariskea[Adoro] Sculpture Body -Beige

Ariskea.Tulips . Spring bag Decor Version @ FaMESHed
Ariskea.Tulips . Ceramic Bunny
Ariskea.Tulips. Center tulips glass

Ariskea.BUNI. Cabinet – Pastel Beige @ UBER 

Ariskea[Brioche] fabric Sofa [GA]
Ariskea -Lea – Coffee table
Ariskea -Lea – Pillow 4
Ariskea -Lea – Pillow 2
Ariskea[melody] Cute fairy string .2
Ariskea[melody] Cute fairy string .3
Ariskea[melody] Cute fairy string .1
Ariskea[Denver] Lace books
Ariskea[Doucy] Lace curtain 1
Ariskea[delights] Candle & Books
Ariskea[lilium] Vintage Books
Ariskea[Faux] Cute Small Cactus
Ariskea- Dry Flowers Jar – Fushia
Ariskea[Faux] Cute Lama Plant
Ariskea[delights] Autumn Jar
Ariskea[Earthing] Rug Extra
Ariskea[Earthing]Round Rattan rug
Ariskea[Brioche] Plant

[Rezz Room] Jack Russell Adult Animesh (Companion)

hive x taikou // boba tea . decor 1
hive x taikou // boba tea . decor 3

[North Oak] – Branch in Glass Vase

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My prince of Bel-Air

Happy Friday!  My picture is pure entertainment.  I have not taken up drinking or suffering a romantic disappointment nor bemoaning anything in particular.  I am aiming for something different, comical maybe than the usual.  Showcasing this wonderful backdrop by Minimal and some fashion from FaMESHed Event and wearable roses by Hive.  My boy is as usual enjoying spending time with me… laughs.

Enjoy ♥

Emery Bel-Air Sweatshirt Red for Meshbody Legacy @ FaMESHed 

[Gos] Lena Ankle Boots – Boutique [legacy] @ FaMESHed 

friday – Blakely Leggings – 24,7 Pack (Legacy) – For Boots

Tram L0208 Hair @ Collabor88

MINIMAL – Kingston House @ UBER

hive // single rose . hold R @ Anthem Event 
hive // romantic rose bouquet . hold R {used as decor}

[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Original (Companion) v2.0.0

:::ChicChica::: Whisky bottle DECO

Oh Deer! Plant Holder: The Climber {was a gift at Shop & Hop}


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Winding down my posts for the year with another Christmas one.  Lots featured, so look below for all the details.

Enjoy ♥

[ zerkalo ] Grassington Armchair wo/Cloth – PG @ Access Event
[ zerkalo ] Grassington Armchair w/Cloth – PG

Loft & Aria – Auggie Shelf @ UBER
Loft & Aria – Bryn Vases
Loft & Aria – Bryn Glass Bottle
Loft & Aria – Concrete by Broesis
Loft & Aria – Serving Face
Loft & Aria – Wavy Vase
Loft & Aria – Eckard Standing Books
Loft & Aria – Bubble Vase
Loft & Aria – Stone Vases
Loft & Aria – Metal Trio Vases
Loft & Aria – Rubes Planter
Loft & Aria – Marble Links

FINCA-Privacy screen brown

KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Tea Cart (bright) @ Access Event
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Bundt Cake
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Candle Holder
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Milkpot (Green Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Tea Setting (Green Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Teapot (Green Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Sugarpot (Green Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Cupcakes
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Cutlery Plate Stack (Green Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Cup Stack (Leaves)
KOPFKINO – Merry Teatime – Napkin Holder

MADRAS DoNutCracker Pink L @ The Epiphany

Dahlia – Winter Memory – Trees & Houses – Silver @ The Shop & Hop

LeLUTKA tree 2021 {Group Gift}

dust bunny . christmas presents . type f
dust bunny . christmas presents . type a
dust bunny . christmas presents . type c
dust bunny . christmas presents . type b
dust bunny . christmas presents . type e
dust bunny . christmas presents . type d

KraftWork Rustic Winter . Gift Box Green Bow /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

Trompe Loeil – Rustic Wrapped Presents

~ Enchanted Fantasy ~ Cute Christmas Kittens ~ Gift Dec 2021 /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

~Libertine~ floor messy decorative cloth (texture change) /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

D-LAB Standing penguin G /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

[high v.] youve been elfed 2 @ The Shop & Hop

Boudoir Funny Christmas Tree /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

Pitaya – Scandinavian X-mas Books Green /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

Leggy Santa By Snuggles [free] by Snuggles /Gift @ The Shop & Hop

Atelier Burgundy . Lignum Wall Panel
Atelier Burgundy . Wood Floor 4×4

Lagom – Wrapping mess [ A ]

Myth – Poinsettia Scandinavian X-mas Books Green

tarte. tiny tree (gold) – multicolor lights

Bygone Swag Pepper & Pomegranate
Bygone Garland Pepper & Pomegranate 1m Drape B

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Mindless wandering

MINIMAL – Snow Park Scene @ UBER

hive // my festive walrus . lights . grey @ Santa, Inc.

MADRAS Snow Buddy FullSet @ The Epiphany

DaD “Giant Christmas Ball Trio” snowflakes red/green @ Tannenbaum 
DaD “Giant Christmas Ball Trio” Circus red/gold

[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Original (Companion) v2.0.0

FINCA – Christmas tree FP / lights

David Heather-Xio Headwrap/LG1/Fatpack
-David Heather-Xio Fur Coat/LG/Fatpack

HARO Diesel Boots – Legacy (f)

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When you’re feeling the blues…


You’re in for a treat with Fancy Decor this season — the manor ornament collection is just wonderful and the beautiful manor display is the best ever.  I love how you click the windows to get the ornaments, and click again to shut the window.   I have mixed this year’s ornaments with a few items from previous releases. I’m showing once again the nutcracker with a working countdown from KraftWork.  It wouldn’t be fun without some holiday dessert and so the lovely cupcake display is from ::ChicChica:: at Tannenbaum.

Enjoy ♥

Fancy Decor: Fa La La Throw Pillow @ UBER
Fancy Decor: Snow Sofa (adult) (tinted)

Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament Collection @ FaMESHed
Fancy Decor: Manor Tapered Ornament (hammered gold)
Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (matte blue)
Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (white speckled)
Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (white filigree)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (glossy white)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (gold)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (blue glitter)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (glossy blue)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (gold glitter)
Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (Delft)
Fancy Decor: Manor Teardrop Ornament (blue speckled)
Fancy Decor: Manor Teardrop Ornament (gold/blue plaid)
Fancy Decor: Manor Tapered Ornament (light blue)
Fancy Decor: Manor Teardrop Ornament (blue sequin)
Fancy Decor: Manor Teardrop Ornament (feathers)
Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (blue filigree)
Fancy Decor: Manor Wire Ornament (gold)
Fancy Decor: Manor Wire Ornament (gold/white)
Fancy Decor: Manor Wire Ornament (white)
Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (matte gold)
Fancy Decor: Manor Tapered Ornament (white)
Fancy Decor: Manor Tapered Ornament (blue/gold striped)
Fancy Decor: Manor Teardrop Ornament (glitter)

:::ChicChica::: Eggnog cupcake dispenser @ Tannenbaum

Fancy Decor: Lawrence Wine Rack (touch for wine) @ Equal10
Fancy Decor: Merlot Wine Glass

KraftWork Nutcracker Christmas Countdown . Gold @ Tannenbaum

Pitaya – Cozy Winter – Light Tree pale
Pitaya – Cozy Winter – Snowflakes gold
Pitaya – Natural Gift Boxes – 05 {tinted boxes}
Pitaya – Natural Gift Boxes – 02
Pitaya – Natural Gift Boxes – 03

Fancy Decor: Accordion Paper Tree (texture change)
20 Fancy Decor: Gilt Rose A
Fancy Decor: Be Merry Throw Pillow
Fancy Decor: 2021 Musical Snow Globe  *NEW*
Fancy Decor: Grantaire Armchair (adult)
Fancy Decor: Grantaire Coffee Table
Fancy Decor: Grantaire Rug
19 Fancy Decor: Noir Tree Beads {tinted}
22 Fancy Decor: Gilt Branch
12 Fancy Decor: Gilt Finial C

Onsu ~ “Sunnyvale” House ~ White

Botanical – White Fir Christmas Tree

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Christmas play

MINIMAL – Lisbon Street Scene @ Kustom9

DaD “Les Memoires Santa Klaus on ski” c/m @ UBER
DaD “Les Memoires Penguin on snowboard” c/m
DaD “Les Memoires Squirrel on sled” c/m
DaD “Les Memoires Pile of Christmas presents” Red-Gold
DaD “Les Memoires Pile of Christmas presents” Silver-Gold
DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Candy Cane”

dust bunny & con . stargazing truck . pg @ Kustom9

dust bunny . snow day . bird @ N21
dust bunny . snow day . rabbit . lay
dust bunny . snow day . snowman

KraftWork Festive Street Light . Double @ The Liaison Collaborative
KraftWork Festive Street Light . Single

HISA – Snow Mound 4
HISA – SnowFade Plane 2
HISA – Snow Pile Side 2
HISA – Snow Pile Corner

FINCA – Christmas tree FP / no lights

[Bad Unicorn] Fire Hydrant (Snow)
[Bad Unicorn] Mailbox – Blue (Snow)

Pitaya – Santa Express – Special Ed. Red bag

[MF] Rolled christmas pine tree 1

tarte. garland bow @ UBER
tarte. christmas pine garland (flocked) – curved B
tarte. christmas pine wreath w bow (flocked)