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Shifting perspective

8f8 – Whites – Tablette / Set @ Cosmopolitan
8f8 – Whites – Counting days
8f8 – Whites – Little Greeting – Sunshine
8f8 – Whites – Magazine Showcase – ss
8f8 – Whites – Magazine Showcase – sL
8f8 – Whites – Magazine Showcase – s_
8f8 – Whites – Vines
8f8 – Whites – My Sunshine Note
8f8 – Whites – Butterflies Lamp
8f8 – Whites – His Blossom
8f8 – Whites – Trio Air – Soon bearing Fruit
8f8 – Whites – Trio Air – Welcoming Summer
8f8 – Whites – Trio Air – Walk in the Woods
8f8 – Whites – Trio Wall – Lost in You
8f8 – Whites – Trio Wall – Young Olive
8f8 – Whites – Trio Wall – Green Clouds
8f8 – Whites – Peace Note
8f8 – Whites – Magazine Showcase – LL
8f8 – Whites – Oo
8f8 – Whites – Butterflies Chandelier
8f8 – Whites- Spring Circle of Life
8f8 – Whites – Magazine Showcase – Ls
8f8 – Whites – Trio – Rope_130cm
8f8 – Whites – Summer Circle of Life & Words of Wisdom
8f8 – Whites – Spring Circle of Life & Words of Wisdom
8f8 – Whites – Summer Circle of Life
8f8 – Whites – Melkijad
8f8 – Whites – Pavilion GROUP GIFT

Trompe Loeil – Yelapa Cottage

Ariskea [ELLE] Bamboo Basket Plant
Ariskea[Ryu] Rattan Baskets[3]
Ariskea[Doucy] Lace curtain 1
Ariskea[Darcy] Begonia Polka dot plant

West Village Frederick Tufted Bench – Cream, Adult
Apple Fall Flat File

KOPFKINO – hi8 – Box & Camera (bleu/white, materials)

[North Oak] + Quint Rug
[North Oak] + Tom Sphere Gunnii Tree
[North Oak] – Pothos Angular Vase
[North Oak] + Ceramic Cactus Ball (green)
[North Oak] + Designer Books
[North Oak] + Contemporary Head Bust
[North Oak] + Contemporary Block Art

BAMSE : Architect – Paper Rolls
BAMSE : Architect – Document Tube

Foxwood – Floofy Kitty – sleep – Light
{yumyum} Vertical Garden (wood)
elev8~Jasmine Stem Long


Flowers in bloom

Good morning.  I’ve been giving myself the weekends off from blogging, as those days I am usually in and out doing things or spending time with friends and family.  Like most everyone I am staying indoors as much as possible, and avoiding watching the news as much as myself allows me to do.  It can get depressive.  Though at times I can’t help myself either.  I have family and friends in other countries that are in dire straits more so than I am and keeping informed is also a must.

For some distraction I bring you some decor that you can find all over the grid.  Spring is in full bloom, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Continue to stay safe ♥

Nutmeg. Bucolic Serving Bowl / 2 @ Shiny Shabby [Ends 4/15/20]
Nutmeg. Bucolic Console Table @ Shiny Shabby [Ends 4/15/20]

Springtime Set by Ayla @ Bloom [Ends 4/4/20]
Ayla. Springtime – Chair w/Pillow
Ayla. Springtime – Armoire w/Garland
Ayla. Springtime – Lemon Wreath w/Wall Hook
Ayla. Springtime – Lemon Water w/Juicer
Ayla. Springtime – Lemon Basket
Ayla. Springtime – Flower Crate
Ayla. Springtime – Blanket Basket
Ayla. Springtime – Metal Lantern

22769 – Spring Bench @ Bloom [Ends 4/4/20]

Schadenfreude Daisies in a Teacup @ Bloom [Ends 4/4/20]
Schadenfreude Daisies in a Teacup, saucer @ Bloom [Ends 4/4/20]

Hydrangea Flowers by DaD @ UBER [Ends 4/22/20]
DaD “Antique Hydrangea pot C” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Pink Hydrangea pot C” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Antique Hydrangea pot B” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Pink Hydrangea pot A” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Blue Hydrangea pot C” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Antique Hanging Hydrangea flower ball 5” c/m v.1.0

Nutmeg. Midsummer Brunch Pillow Adult
3. Nutmeg. Memoirs Diaries set RARE
13. Nutmeg. Sketches of you set
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Stool / 1 Single
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Pitcher
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Candlestick 4

Tuesdays Antiique Rug – Fatpack

{yumyum} Vertical Garden (wood)

Scarlet Creative Trinity Cabin 0.2